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Re: talking in my sleep

Re: talking in my sleep

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Posted by Gabby on October 30, 2000 at 12:18:09:

In Reply to: Re: talking in my sleep posted by amy on October 17, 2000 at 19:54:53:

: : : Hi,
: : : Does anyone know what causes one to talk in their sleep? I am the only one in my family that does it, and I happen to do it often. It is really embarrasing. Please advice to my email address if anyone knows the cause or cure. Thanks tons!!!

: : Hi, i also talk in my sleep. I'm in college, and have a roommate. It's really annoying because I wake both of us up very often. I also don't know any causes or cures. But in a psychology class I had, i learned that talking in your sleep means that your brain isn't resting. So, if you are tired a lot, it is because your brain is more active than normal while you are sleeping. If anyone knows anything else, i'd really appreciate hearing about it.

: Hey...I talk in my sleep as well. It is very embarrassing to me also. When I go to stay with my boyfriend at his college, I wake him up constantly. And when I wake up the next morning, I can't remember anything that happened..whether or not it happened or what was said. I have heard that it was hereditary but no one in my family does this. I was just looking through some books today on it and it had said that it is caused by intense dreaming, and then the author put that it was insignificant and needed no further's important to me! I can't find any info anywhere. I look all the time and can find nothing. If anyone does have any information on how to cure it, please write back! Thanks~

I've been told by my mother that I've talked in my sleep since I began talking at all. Worse, I talk very clearly and loud enough to wake peole in the same room. When I was a child and babbled nonsense, it was no problem. In college, waking up my roommates with nonsense was a small problem. Now I'm about to lose a man I love with all my heart because I wake him up with sexual actions and talk calling out someone else's name, an ex-boyfriend. I don't care a thing anymore about the person whose name I call, don't even think about him at all in my waking hours. I've searched every inch of the internet, calledseveral mental health therapists (who say it's a medical problem, a sleep disorder), tried Valerian Root and Elavil, and contacted sleep clinics. Nothing works and no one takes this problem seriously except those who do it and their loved ones who are affected. Therapists just say the person who is disturbed by the sleep talking should comfort the talker and make sure they are alright, no big deal. I know from these entries and others I can no longer find posted on this site that it is a huge problem for some of us. We desperately need help that is nowhere to be found.

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