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Re: Diagnosed 2 weeks ago-no machine yet-will I be so much different

Re: Diagnosed 2 weeks ago-no machine yet-will I be so much different

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Posted by Soulhawk on November 26, 2000 at 01:02:46:

In Reply to: Re: Diagnosed 2 weeks ago-no machine yet-will I be so much different posted by Greg C. on July 14, 2000 at 09:33:06:

their cpap. The most important thing is to approach this with a positive attitude. Keep in mind that most people who post on forums like these are the ones who are having trouble. You usually don't see all the successes that are out there, and there's many!!! I have been on my cpap for 3 nights now and am tolerating it well. I already find increasing alertness duringn the day, and am slowly improving. Good luck. Please email me if you want to talk more.

: By the way, there's a great wealth of information on another forum which I have found to be extremely valuable. Check out:


: and look for the apnea forum.

: --Greg

: : I was diagnosed with a rather severe case of sleep apnea 2 1/2 weeks ago. I go this Sunday night for my second sleep study to go on CPAP to see if it helps. From what I've been able to find out on the web, this is going to help so many of my health problems. I'm 48, bi-polar manic, irregular heartbeat, overweight, ALWAYS tired, no energy,etc. Am I expecting too much from using a CPAP? Will my personality really change for the better? Does the machine actually make you feel so much better that you can really notice the new energy level? I know I've had this problem for over 20 years, have complained to many doctors that whole time, but no one would ever do anything about it. I'm waking up 27X a night, and stop breathing approx 43X per hour, oxygen down to 68%. Encouraging advise, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

I have had sleep apnea for 10 years, before the doctors knew what was wrong with me it was a nightmare for me. I would doze off in the middle of conversations, unable to stay awake for long periods. I had even fallen asleep at the wheel while driving too. Woke in the night hallucinating from lack of oxygen too. When I had my first sleep study my oxygen level dropped to 30%..and my apneic episodes were at the most 15-20 lasting the longest of 2 minutes. I too am overweight, smoke, ect..all the bad things. The Doc tor I went to told me he could give me two options. Either a tracheostomy or I could try the cpap machine with 2 liters of oxygen at bedtime. I opted for the machine. With me I noticed the difference the very next day..that night I had slept 13 hours straight through:) And I stayed awake all day and had and exuberent amount of energy it was like a new me:) So..yes the machine will make a diffrence in your life, but as we all know we have to work on the weight loss ect ourselves. It would be nice if the machine could do that too. And I was told too the only actuall airway that is patent is through the nose..not the mouth which is why the mask is fit over the nose instead of like an oxygen mask which fits over the mouth and nose. I wish you luck with your machine and your sleep apnea. Feel free to email me if you wish to talk:)...Becky

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