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I'm in a national - Provigil - study. Also need help with c-pap

I'm in a national - Provigil - study. Also need help with c-pap

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Posted by Brian on December 04, 2000 at 17:29:35:

I'm currently in a national study of (Provigil) for the effects on sleep apnia patients. How it suppost to work is that it keeps you more alert, more active during the day so when it were's off you can rest and sleep better. As for me I can only tell it helps some but I think my problem is the cpap machine,the only good noticeable night sleep I've had was the first night in the sleep lab and no matter what I do I can't get that good feeling back that I had that first day after my first time using the cpap and I've tried everything, many different masks( so many that I've taken the time to take the parts that I liked from different masked and made the mask I use now, even the doctors like what I came up with.) But I've haven't fixed the problem with the humidifier, this thing just covers me up with moisture on the lowest setting and that damn gurgling nose in the hose drives me nuts so I've had to quit using it until I come up with something else. Don't get me wrong I'm not a doctor and don't try to be but I do plan on helping myself with the knowledge that I do have and if that helps others thats even better. My case of sleep apnia is sever and my health is the worse than it has ever been in my 44 years and I don't like it and at the time need help from others on what might help me or point me in a direction so I can fix the problem for me and maybe others. My intent is to help myself and through the Provigil study help us all. Thanks for letting me ramble on. Brian

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