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Re: Can anyone relate? ( very little sleep nightly)

Re: Can anyone relate? ( very little sleep nightly)

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Posted by Cheryl on July 17, 2000 at 21:38:28:

In Reply to: Re: Can anyone relate? ( very little sleep nightly) posted by Tina on July 17, 2000 at 05:13:32:

: : : I've been dealing with insomnia since 10/99. I've tried Ambien and decided it wasn't worth the headaches and weird feelings the next morning. I also sought a Naturopathic physician for other remedies( 5HTP, cal/mag. supplements, magnesium citrate, herbal teas, etc.) NOthing is as powerful as the sleep medications though. I read books and thought at one point that I was getting better, however the insomnia has returned. This is an example of some of my nights: Sleep at about 9pm, then get up a couple hours later and cannot fall asleep again. I get up and start to get frustrated. One other night I was really tired and fell asleep at 8:30pm, woke up at 10:00pm, managed to fall asleep again shortly after, but then woke up again at 1:45am, and was unable to fall asleep until 4:30-4:45am. It's just horrible! I feel so alone. Is there anyone out there that experiences what I'm going through? Could use your input and support. Please respond... greatly needed and appreciated!!

: : Hi. Well I have been having sleeping problems for 8 years now. I have tried different prescriptions but they too give me really weird side effects. My disorder is a little different. I go to sleep about 4:00 or 5:00am each morning. I have to get up for work at 6:30am. I have learned to survive with just an hour or two each day. My fiance just told me tonight that I don't need a lot of sleep - so trust me I need some support too. My doctor tells me I am very stressed and I need to clear my thoughts before going to bed. I have been advised not drinking anything with caffeine in it before going to bed to just using your bedromm for sleeping. Nothing has worked. The worst part - in the past years I have steadly gained weight. I am munching at 2 or 3:ooam and it's catching up to me. Your not alone in this world - there are hundreds of us walking around, doing dishes, watching TV, surfing the web late into the morning hours. Hope this makes you feel less alone - Jody

: Thanks Jody!
: Your message really helped... It's so unfortunate that we have to suffer. Can you really function with 2 hours of sleep? Do you exercise as well? I keep praying that one day this will be behind me. I remember when I first started having insomnia, I was scared because I thought if I don't get enough sleep, how am I to function? My thoughts made the insomnia worse. I started to read a book called" Say Goodnight to Insomnia" I refer back to it and must continue reading it because I started the program but then got better and stopped reading it. I don't like to take medications so I just suffer. I am 30 years old and have 2 kids. I also work and have many responsibilities that involve concentration and accurateness. Who doesn't? I always seem to let my thoughts get in the way... It's extremely hard to think "it's just sleep, find something else to do". I've always been a good sleeper. I don't know what happened last year. I guess it only took a couple of sleepless nights to trigger anxiety about insomnia. Now it seems like it won't go away. I sometimes just sit and cry because its so frustrating!!! My husband is no help being that he snores. He's asleep before his head hits the pillow ( very annoying) I thank you again for your input... I do feel better being that you are up too...... I have faith that one day we will retain our precious Z's and will never have to deal with insomnia again! Keep
: in touch so that we can be support for each other.
Hello. I,too, have insomnia. It isn't every night, but once I have one night of insomnia, more follow. I have found that hot chamomile tea along with a warmed herbal neck wrap helps. I also listen to relaxtion tapes. When the bed becomes my enemy, I surrender and take 12.5-25mg of benadryl. My pattern of insomnia varies so does my treatment. The herbal wrap I found at an arts and craft fair, but they do have a web site; Sweet dreams!

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