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Re: Want to Quit

Re: Want to Quit

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Posted by Valerie on December 16, 1999 at 13:14:36:

In Reply to: Re: Want to Quit posted by Robert Russell on December 08, 1999 at 02:54:03:

: Hello Heidi,

: I wish you the very best! I too am quiting after 24 years. I just had a chest x-ray and THANK GOD,
: I'm still at the point I can save my lungs. I have done a ton of damage to my lungs. Just think
: of it this way... Every day you don't smoke is one day closer to healing! We can do it!
: My doc said in about 7 years I can be back to base-line. I have 6 kids and I'm not willing to
: die for a smoke. You have made the right move and I know you can do it! It would sure help
: if hubby would join you. I'm quiting with my honey. If you slip... Just get back up and go for it!

: Peace
: Robert
: : Hello my name is Heidi and smoked for 24 yrs.Today I went to the doctors and got Zyban.I want to quit because of my little children that I want see grow-up and for an operation coming up.This is going to be my first time doing this, any WILL POWER suggestion or advice from would be great. My husband is still smoking so I guess the challenge will be interesting but,I think he will try to do the same. Hopefully.
: : Thanks Heidi

Hi Heidi,

I smoked for 25 years about 1+ packs per day. I have been quit for two months now with the help of Zyban, it has been a miracle drug for me. I quit once for 30 days using the patch, failed miserably, I was a grumpy you know what the whole 30 days. With Zyban, it's not like that. You still have to WANT to quit, and you will still go through the withdrawal, but the Zyban will make the withdrawal a little more tolerable than without it. Start preparing yourself now with all the things that you will need to make this a successful quit - sugarless candies, suckers, carrots, celery, drink lots and lots of water (cleans those nasty toxins from your body), deep breathing (esp. when you get a craving), pick up a hobby (preferably something that will keep your hands busy), buy scented candles (aroma therapy), get some Febreeze and use it on your furniture, dry cleanable clothing, car, etc., GET RID OF THE SMOKES, LIGHTERS, MATCHES, ASHTRAYS from your house, car, office, etc..

I'm rooting for you Heidi - it's a tough road but it is doable! Keep telling yourself all the reasons why you want to quit, your children should be good incentive. I'm with ya here, need support - just holler!

Best of luck! Valerie

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