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Passebecq Method - It Doesn't Work

Passebecq Method - It Doesn't Work

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Posted by Chris on June 26, 2000 at 17:31:10:

To all who have inquired about the passebecq cessation method, or have had problems getting the product after paying for it. I got the method, tried it and it absolutely did not work for me, and I really don't see how it could work for anyone. All it is, is 2 cassette tapes. The first tape you are supposed to listen to every day, while laying flat on your back and eyes closed. "The Dr." talks to you like he's a voice-over from a bad horror flick from the 50's, talking really slow and telling you to stop smoking. But the real kicker is the second tape, the one that is supposed to get you to stop smoking. It is a tape, filled with strange and very very annoying sounds. Hard to describe, but just imagine the most annoying sound you can think of, and it's ten times worse than that. It's like listening to a bad music CD that's being played backwards. You are supposed to listen to the tape, for 9-14 days, every single time you light up. It is supposed to send some subconcious message to you, that makes you not want to light up any more, after listening to the tape for at least 9 days. Well all it did for me was give me a huge headache each and every time, and it made me absolutely nuts. This method is very unrealistic to begin with. It says if you don't listen to this annoying tape each and every time you light up, it won't work. This is very unrealistic, because many people smoke while out to eat at a restaurant, at work, at a friend's house, etc. And so I guess it expects you to carry a walkman around with you for 9-14 days and whip it out in the middle of dinner, work, wherever you are when you need a cigarette. It's rediculous. Don't try it, you are wasting your money.
To all those who ordered the product and never received it and/or were still charged for it. And you could not find a way to contact them, because you could not find a phone number, email address, address, etc. I am not suprised. You know how there is a 30 day money back guarantee? Well I wanted to exercise that guarantee but could find no way to contact them. Until I received a letter in the mail telling me to send them $105.00 in check or money order, because I put a stop payment on my credit card I used.
Bottom line here and lesson to be learned is, if it's too good to be true, then it most definately is a scam.

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