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Re: Smoking, anxiety and heart palpitations. Symptoms/questions

Re: Smoking, anxiety and heart palpitations. Symptoms/questions

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Posted by Jill on August 11, 2000 at 02:25:09:

In Reply to: Re: Smoking, anxiety and heart palpitations. Symptoms/questions posted by jon on July 23, 2000 at 22:27:32:

: : Im 20 yrs old and ive been smoking for 5 yrs (3 yrs heavy). Needless to say, im addicted.
: : i have aryhethmia and probabl generalized anxiety. Ive heard that cigarettes can create or worsen anxiety and cause various heart problems, but i don't know which heart problems they can cause. My questio is: can cigarettes be causing, or heavily contributing to these heart palpitations that have been getting worse and worse with me recently? my heart will flutter and my breathing seems a little off.
: : Also, how much can cigarettes really contribute to anxiety? Of course dr.s will say that quiting cigarettes reduces anxiety, but i also know that they'll say just about anything to get you to quit. Has anyone out there experienced a significant reduction of heart palpitations an an aliviation of anxiety following their cessation of cigs???
: : Someone please respond. Im definitley trying to quit anyway, but i need to know if i can attribute any, or all, of these symtoms to cig smoking.
: : Thankx,
: : Pat

: pat

: i have had the same problems i am the same age.ive smoked for 5-6 sure the cigarettes could be contributing to your problem but i have another suggestion for you.i quite caffeine altogether and havnt experienced palpitations since. i still have trouble with my heart beating a little faster than normal wich could be the problem but i havnt been able to quit smoking for sucks.

Pat and Jon - Re Anxiety Smoking & Heart Palpitations -11/8/2000

I would say that I am palpitation Queen! I am 48 & have been having palpitations since I was 21. Initially they were amphetamine induced (my own fault). I have also smoked & drank alcohol & coffee most of my life. I have endured palpitations on average of 1 biggie per month most of my life. (Lasting for over an hour sometimes & approx 150 beats per minute). In the last 3 years they have really escalated. I have now given up alcohol totally as I wound up in hospital 3 times in 3 months with 235bpm for 3 hours! I have also quit caffeine as that definitely escalated & initiated long bouts. I am still trying desperately to quit smoking. I quit every week. These 3 substances are definitely a major influence on heartbeat. Some peoples bodies just cant handle caffeine in particular or nicotine. The longest period I havnt smoked was for 8 months. I also quit coffee & minimum alcohol during that perioda & had very rare symptoms of palpitations. My heart was healthy & strong during that period. Hope this helps.

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