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Re: Smoking, anxiety and heart palpitations. Symptoms/questions

Re: Smoking, anxiety and heart palpitations. Symptoms/questions

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Posted by Serch on September 10, 2000 at 09:10:55:

In Reply to: Smoking, anxiety and heart palpitations. Symptoms/questions posted by Pat on May 04, 2000 at 01:35:40:

: Im 20 yrs old and ive been smoking for 5 yrs (3 yrs heavy). Needless to say, im addicted.
: i have aryhethmia and probabl generalized anxiety. Ive heard that cigarettes can create or worsen anxiety and cause various heart problems, but i don't know which heart problems they can cause. My questio is: can cigarettes be causing, or heavily contributing to these heart palpitations that have been getting worse and worse with me recently? my heart will flutter and my breathing seems a little off.
: Also, how much can cigarettes really contribute to anxiety? Of course dr.s will say that quiting cigarettes reduces anxiety, but i also know that they'll say just about anything to get you to quit. Has anyone out there experienced a significant reduction of heart palpitations an an aliviation of anxiety following their cessation of cigs???
: Someone please respond. Im definitley trying to quit anyway, but i need to know if i can attribute any, or all, of these symtoms to cig smoking.
: Thankx,
: Pat

Hi Pat,

I'm 34 year old male and I start smoking when I was 11 years and at the age of 17 I tried to quit
and I experienced anxiety I couldn't sleep and had to smoke and failed so I just quit for 4 months
and my life was a hell and start smoking again and at age of 20 I decide to really quit and I went to doctors
and spent a lots of money and at the end I said myself "Well I'm going to program my brain to forget
the stupid sigarettes they are causing me a lot of problems" and since then I quit smoking,
everything is in our brain all we need is our power of quitting to something that is causing you a
big problem and when you experienced anxiety just try to do something different like walk or excercise
and try to think in people who you really love as simple as that.

Have a great life.


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