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Re: Digestive Disorders from smoking cessation

Re: Digestive Disorders from smoking cessation

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Posted by Tonia on October 03, 2000 at 21:23:00:

In Reply to: Re: Digestive Disorders from smoking cessation posted by us on October 30, 1999 at 15:07:05:

: You are correct that taking one B vitamin can make us deficient in others.
: So, I take it by taking brewers yeast dissolved in orange juice or carob powder on mashed banana...does not tast mate takes it in water...yukkie to me.
: But we get balanced B, naturally...and it certainly makes the difference of what we can tolerate in life, esp. the stress of stopping smoking! Start out at one teaspoon of yeast a day and work up as high as you can tolerate if you want...B's are not toxic, but too much is a waste as the body uses only what it needs for the day.

: : : Does anyone have any Info/Experience of digestive problems that come on from having given up smoking, eg constipation, bloating, low GIT motility. Possibly from nicotine withdrawal?

: : I have given up smoking so many times and gone back to it because I can't stand the feeling of being continuously bloated/constipated for more than a few weeks and can't fit into most of my clothes. I don't put on more than a few pounds in weight which I attribute solely to having no or few bowel movements anyway. Laxatives work temporarily when I take large doses but I don't want to be taking them often. I eat quite well, drink plenty of fluids, go to the gym four times a week, etc,... I've seen various doctors who have basically dismissed the problem saying it's "stress" from giving up smoking. I've had lots of stress from other sources without getting bloated/constipated so that explanation doesn't satisfy me. I've started taking yeast in the mornings to supplement my vitamin B intake because I read that a deficiency of vitamin B (B1 in particular I think but it can be dangerous to take single B vitamin supplements - it can lead to an imbalance in other B vitamins) can lead to digestive problems (bloating in particular). I have just started taking Metamucil as well and am into my third week off the cigarettes. I don't think it's nicotine withdrawal because I'm using nicotine patches! I can't believe the lack of information on this given all the hysteria about smokers and information on quitting. BY the way, I don't get bloated at other times and am generally fit and healthy.

I wish someone would see your posting and have some insight. I quit smoking 7 days ago and have gained 4 pounds in undigested food. I run 6.5 miles a day, every day, drink tons of water & eat lts of salad, raw fruits & veggies. I usually take FiberCon daily but it's not helping. I tried other more aggressive over the counter laxatives with no real affect. I'd rather die of undigested food than cigarette smoke - but uggg! how aweful.

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