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Re: L5 disc removal, Scott C

Re: L5 disc removal, Scott C

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Posted by scott cohen on February 22, 2000 at 00:43:40:

In Reply to: Re: L5 disc removal, Scott C posted by gina on February 15, 2000 at 19:52:52:

: : : : : : : : : hi i'm writing because i'm scared to death . i had hurt my back in august, had a mri and was told nothing was wrong.jan 4 my therapists would not touch me they beleived something was really wrong and demanded doc see me ,he was not returning there messages well i seen him and he had me see a pain doc and a surgeon on known to me they tell me L5 disc is way out and shows me mri? it's right there , surgeon says it has to come out and shows me these to titanium bolts [cage] and tells me he'd do it this week but is out of town and is scheduling it next week? why so soon ? don't they go back in? and why has it taken 3 docs at spine center to see this? it's been 5 months in sheer pain blow your brains out pain! and in beginning after they took mri and said it was nothing put me on 100mgs zoloft 'maybe my seritonin is low? made me think i was mental. and out of the blue say surgery now. i can't think i was not ready for this i was told it was nothing. has anyone had this problem how bad is it? i go to be fitted for brace this week. thankyou please help :( Hi Gina, my name is Scott and I know what you are going through. On January 27, 1999 I had major back surgery and spent 3 days here at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md. DX was massive nerve compression of the L-5/S-1 nerve root. MRI showed this and my neurosurgeon in Washington D.C. could not believe the size of it when laminectomy was done. He told me that the herniated disk which was removed was the size of my pinky. The pain was excrutiating down my right leg for almost a month pre-surgery. The toughest part after surgery was the first 2 weeks as I was having incrdible (Blow your brains out) lower back spasms. Fortunately, since March 1999 I have been pretty much pain-free with just a few occasional flare-ups. Nothing close to the pain before surgery. No back brace was needed and Physical Therapy has really helped me because I now know the correct exercises to do when in pain. You will be alright if you have faith and find the right doctor to do the laminectomy, since you can't go on like you presently feel. Good luck and let me know what transpires - Scott in Germantown, Maryland . Scott Thank You all I've heard are horror stories it's nice to see someone who came out better than went in,i hope i'm as lucky as you. it's all on hold now till BWC ok's .again Thank You Gina
: : : : : : Hi again Gina - this is Scott in Germantown. How are you feeling right now? I hope you're doing much better than your original message posted. Aside from my laminectomy in January 99, I had spinal cord surgery in October 1997 and spent a week at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md. I'm currently taking Celebrex (200mgs.) twice a day for the pain and inflammation. Been on it for a year and there are absolutely no side effects; if you want to talk to your Dr. about this medication. It may relieve alot of you back pain. Take care and please keep in touch with me about your health. Have a great weekend!!!
: : : : : : Scott in Germantown, MD.Hi Scott everything for me has been put on hold maybe it is a good thing,BWC seems to think spinal blocks will help ,doc says they won't so doc said if BWC doesn't ok surgery i'll do shots and then he said i'll be back for surgery cuz it might numb it for awhile but disc is out to far and i'll go through pain again maybe worse he said it's causing stenois in that area pains not as bad seeing i haven't been to work in 5 wks and don't move to much . 15 -20 minuits of walking and i'm finished , and becoming very depressed i am on 100mg zoloft .25 mgs xanax for panic attacks cause from pain and have been on celebrex for 5 months it really doesn't do to much for bad pain but then again nether did demeral/visterol shots either that just made it bearable to lay there .sorry so long i get to talking ang don't know when to stop. hope everything works out for you and thankyou for reply Gina

: : : : Hi Gina - What do you mean when you say "BWC" and how much celebrex do you take every day? I couldn't take naprosyn because it made me very drowsy but celebrex seems to be working great for me. Been taking it for about a year and I also take EFFEXOR for mild depression (75 mgs. before I go to sleep). I could have really used xanax because I was having many panic attacks when I first got fitted with the malibu brace after my spinal cord surgery in October 97. Had to wear it at least 18 hours a day keeping my neck immobile. Please write back asap and again hope you are feeling better. If I can help you in any way please let me know and I'll be there for you!!! Scott in Germantown, Md.

: : : Hi Scott
: : : BWC is bureau of workers comp, as far as celebrex been on it for 3-4 months 200 mgs twice a day. they also put me on 100 mgs of zoloft and the xanax im a regular downer drug right now you should have seen what they had me on months ago in september was darvon, vicodon xanax cellebrex adivan percocet. that caused a huge problem did nothing for pain just a buzz ,anyway im rambling on the BWC wants me to take shots and therapy ,which i've had therapy for 6 months now did no good , doc said shots would numb it for awhile but could not possibly fix it, so im waiting for him to return my call to see if i do the shots will it cause further damage if it will i can refuse shots , but then that means i'll have to fight BWC on surgery which i don't want either . so thats where i am . no way out , sucks don't it well thanks to responding hope to hear from you again thanks GINA
: : Hey Gina - this is Scott again. I'm getting ready to treat myself to a movie this afternoon which will be a test sitting for 3 hours in the movie theatre. The hardest thing for me to do is sit for an extended period of time as my legs and neck start siffening up so I will probably be standing for half the movie. Sounds like you are going through alot of beuracracy with BWC just like I did with SSA as I was denied the first time and then got my attorney involved to help me since I could not work at all back then. Ironically, the day after I was approved with the FED (because I was with the Dept. of Commerce for 9 years) the SSA approved me. So now I get Direct Deposits from SSA/FED the beginning of every month which is my only income aside from teaching fourth grade Sunday school/Hebrew school for my Temple. Anyway, please hang in there with BWC and you may need to retain an Attorney to help your case. I feel for you and definitely know what your'e going through and know it must be depressing and frustrating. Please give me your E-Mail adress so we can stay friends and like I said I'm here for you whenever you need support because everyone could use a friend. Scott in Germantown, Maryland.Scott I'll tell you i am at a loss right now think i need new doc they can't make up there mind first he said it has to come out now he said do shots i asked if this is going to fix this or just mask the pain he said it just numbs it i go friday to pain management doc i need to know if i do these shots can i cause further damage don't want surgery but i don't want to cause more problems either, so confused still in pain they just don't care and won't give me a straight answer well i'll have an additude friday who knows maybe they'll refer me somewhere else , well how you feeling hopefully better what movie did you see? did you sit or stand most of the time? well have to go hope things are good for you GINA

Hi Gina - this is Scott and just wanted to touch base to see how you are feeling today. If you want to E-Mail me my address is [email protected] and will be happy to speak with you about your medical condition. Bye for now - Scott Cohen

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