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Re: anterior cervical surgery with posterior fusion/instrumentation

Re: anterior cervical surgery with posterior fusion/instrumentation

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Posted by Becky on February 25, 2000 at 21:00:42:

In Reply to: Re: anterior cervical surgery with posterior fusion/instrumentation posted by PATRICIA SCHMIDT on October 25, 1999 at 10:58:09:

: CLIFF, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR THE ADVICE... SO FAR, 3 MONTHS POSTOP FUSIONS LOOK GOOD.. MY NEURO SURGEON PRESCRIBED A BONE STIMULATOR, WHICH HE FEELS HAS SPED THE FUSION PROCESS.. I NEVER WISH TO REPEAT THIS SURGERY!!! UNFORTUNATELY, I AM/WAS A PROFESSIONAL TENNIS PLAYER. AND I HAVE DREAMS OF PLAYING ONCE AGAIN, ALBEIT CAREFULLY.....: : ive read various messages re; cervical surgery recovery.. I was losing strength in my entire right side slowly over a period of 3 months... I finally found myself at a neurologists office and results of MRI were two bone spurs c3-c5 were compressing my spinal chord severely, and herniated discs c6-c7.. They told me at NYU Neuro that immediate surgery was necessary.. I am 3 months post-op and was experiencing severe right shoulder pain. My pain has gotten much much better however.. They fused 2 levels of vertebrae with cadaver bone and plated me from both front and back of neck.. I am 35 yrs. old , and have been a serious athlete for 15 years... I find that swimming has alleviated the pain in my shoulder completely.. I don't suggest anyone who has had this surgery work with weights right away... I injured my right shoulder from too rigorous a weight program. I am now waiting for my fusion to take hold.. The surgeons tell me i will have very limited movement from front to back.. i still suffer from major spasticity in legs.... i try to stretch all i can doing yoga poses to counteract the shaking. . anyone experience this??????????

: : Patricia,
: : Hi. My name is Clif. I am a 41 year old. I had a car wreck in 1992 and had to have C5-6 fusion. That surgery went fine and my recovery was great. I was back to work within 8 weeks. Then in 1997, I fell at work, thus rupturing L4-5. I also developed weakness in my right leg and an uncontrollable cramping in my right hand. L4-5 was fused and my weakness and cramping continued. The doctor then, switched the priority to my neck and found C4-5 and 6-7 both ruptured. Plus, my spinal canal in the cervical area is only 1/2 the size of normal people. So, the most minor canal pressure is major to me. Fusions were attempted on 4-5 and 6-7 with plates. 9 months later, I find that the fusions didn't take. The next step is for another attempt and me wearing a halo brace for 3 months.
: : Thats what you have to look forward to, If you don't take good care of those fusions.

Hi My name is Rebecca, I am 36 and have had a C1/C2 neck fusion and have permanent titanium pins at that level. Since the operation I have begun to experience problems at all levels. I have developed bone spurs at two levels and doctors discovered a piece of bone graph which had attached itself around the C2 level. I have developed herniations at various levels and arthritis throughout. How is everyone doing with pain management? I am getting considerably worse. I have recently been told that although this procedure was the best technology at the time of my operation, in 1994, neurologists would no longer insert permanent pins at this level. My ROM is very poor and new problems are arising at almost every new doctor's visit. I read alot about people having spurs removed etc., but have been told that my spurs/herniations are inoperable and that basically there is not alot that can be done for my pain. I live in a small town in PA and think we are probably ions behind in the times. Has anyone had a C1/C2 fusion with permanent titanium pins? Please respond and let me know if you are experiencing excessive pain and if so how you are treating it. Anyone who would like to respond or share new technology or treatments, I would be very greatful. How did you deal with your shoulder pain? What is a bone stimulator and how did it help?
Thanks, Rebecca

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