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Re: C6-C7 fusion and numbness

Re: C6-C7 fusion and numbness

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Posted by Jerry on April 10, 2000 at 00:04:34:

In Reply to: Re: C6-C7 fusion and numbness posted by Terri on April 08, 2000 at 19:42:17:

: : : : : : I had anterier cervical fusion at C6/C7 Monday. All of my symptoms prior to surgery were on my right side. When I woke up and since, I have had profound numbness in my left hand and some shoulder pain. The docs. say it may be from the IV or maybe from swelling, but either way it should pass. I am not so confident as it has not changed at all in two days.

: : : : : : Any suggestions or comments?

: : : : : Eric, I had c5-c6 anterior repair Dec 9, I originaly have symptoms in right should and hand, then progressed to all four extremities. After surgery I had lost my voice, could only swallow liquids the first month, my surgeon thought it was from intubation. I have been a nurse for 18 yrs and I didn't buy it, I still have throat problems, and still all four extremities involved. New Diagnosis, Spinal Cord Injury from pre-surgical Spinal Stenosis. I have NEVER heard or seen an IV cause such problems, I suppose there could be some surgical swelling, did they put you on anything for the swelling? Some doctors must think we are all stupid for something. Hopefully, things will get better, they told me I could improve up the one year after surgery........I will keep that thought!!Take care and feel better. Terri

: : : : Terri,

: : : : I have not taken anything for swelling yet. I am to call the surgeon Friday if nothing changes. I was told he may want me to take a burst of Prednisone. Who knows? All I know is that I lost the nagging pain I had the surgery for, but now have a severely numb hand. I am very frustrated right now. maybe things will improve. I know spinal surgery is risky and strange things can occur. I just hope my problem is temporary and I can return to a normal life soon.

: : : : Thanks for your insights and i will let you know what I find out Friday if I need to call the surgeon.

: : : : Eric

: : : Eric, Did your numbness magically dissappear today? Terri

: :
: : Terri,

: : The swelling did not go away and they started me on a burst of Prednisone to knock out swelling. I am not as confident as they are. They acted as if I should be glad my pain is gone and not whining about numbness. I am trying to keep a good outlook, but it can be difficult when you are wearing this collar.

: : Thanks for your insights,

: : Eric

: Eric, The strange thing is, I lived in that darn hard collar for 10 weeks. When it was time to get rid of it, I had a hard time living without it. Anytime I have had problems, the surgeon would only say, "it is not the surgery". He began to sound like a recording. Feel better. Terri


I had posterior lumbar 2 level on 3/22 initially I had 1) A huge lump in the back of my head. 2) Feelings like a pin in the back of my right tricep.3) numbness in the right side of my butt (no laughing). All of which have slowly dissipated. I have only slight numbness left, and it feels better every day. Best of luck.

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