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Re: surgery for spinal cervical stenosis

Re: surgery for spinal cervical stenosis

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Posted by LoriB on June 10, 2000 at 17:41:16:

In Reply to: Re: surgery for spinal cervical stenosis posted by julie wilkening on May 05, 2000 at 16:35:33:

: : : I am relieved to know, I'm not alone in dealing with this diagnosis. The thought of surgery on the spine just terrifies me, so for now that is out of the question. Has anyone had positive results from physical therapy for this problem? I'm already suffering from the numbness & weakness in my hands. Also have numbness & weakness in my legs. I sure could use some encouragement.
: : My name is Brianna and I have been suffering with
: : Spinal Stenosis, Bi-lateral impingement,DDD, and spondolythesis for years...I have tried PT, Steroids,Epiderural,etc.......Nothing stops the burning pain,numbness,loss of motor sensory, and pain...........I am having surgey in 3 weeks....
: : possibly sooner if I can get scheduled......Iam scared but I have tried all the conservative approaches and it is getting worse...My MRI showed a dramatic change in 1 year......So, I am going to do it this time..I have a great neurosurgeon.............Please respond......
: I am four weeks post op from surgery for cervical stenosis C-4-6. I had a bone graft and metal plate placed in my spine. I am doing fine. I had donor bone. I was scared also. But it is not too bad. My brother also had this surgery 1 year ago and used his own Tibia bone which he said the donor site on his leg was the worst part.
: I am already grafing and doing fine. The worst part for me was the sore throat which I still have and you will have a hard time swallowing for awhile. But the burning pain in gone. My surgeon told me that if I waited, I would risk irreversible nerve damage. I did not want to risk this. Also, a neurologist told me that if I did not have surgery and I were to fall or get in an accident that I would be "Christopher Reeves" I did not want to risk this either. Good Luck. Julie

I just recieved a very similar dx two days ago of cervical spondylosis and myelopathy. I have dealt with DDD, stenosis etc with my lumbar region for over 7 yrs now and am not very well researched on the procedure, results in the cervical area. I have much more to learn since I just had the initial consultation but know this surgery in Sept. he is planning on fusing 4 levels. I have heard much controversy over whether using my own bone to fuse or donor and would appreciate any info anyone could share, or suggested reading. I was dxd with fibro/chronic fatigue syndrome for yrs and was fortunate to get an appt with Dr Heffez at the Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch who feels he will be able to help a tremendous amount of my symptoms and pain with this surgery. I have so much to learn in the next few months and would appreciate any help people who have been through this can offer. Thank you for your help. Lori

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