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Infection and failed bak in 99

Infection and failed bak in 99

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Posted by bak 99 on August 16, 2000 at 14:22:15:

Infection and failed BAK in 99

Hello all posters, I am new to posting but not to pain. Found the old form so here I am on the new form. I’ve seen a lot of stories, so here is mine. Sorry it is so long I have shortened it all I can but bier with me it’s worth it.

I hurt my back at work, for three months doctors didn’t know what the problem was. Pain meds, anti-inflamitories, steroids, X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, and finally I’m at the biggest hospital in the state. Big university, don’t think I can tell you the name, good rep though, if I told you, you would know it. I get to see the best doctor they have for orthopedic and neural surgery. Work comp carrier thinks I’m a fake. Back is killing me; both legs burn very bad, left foot it tingling not so bad. In the past I have had x-rays, MRI’s, pain meds, steroids all I could stand, you know. The new doctor looked at the old information and says L5-S1 DDD probably for two to three years, but he said “at work you crushed the disk” it is completely desiccated, to the point were it is almost bone on bone. He does not think that epidurals will help but we should try them, so two epidurals and a selective nerve block latter (and more pain) he said “fusion” for L5-S1 and I said “I will think about it”, he says “not much to think about if you want to be on disability”. He has the best results with the cages, “it will be a good fusion. I can get rid of 85-90% of you back pain, and all of the leg and foot pain”. “I will think about it”, he says “ don’t think long, it will take about eight weeks before I can do the fusion.” So eight weeks latter, I’m fused. It feels like I have been broke in half, oh god the pain. I go home after two days, WITH A WALKER!!! Four days latter legs burn so bad I cant stand it. So I call him, he says “it’s ok, not out of the ordinary, if it is the same in a week call me” So I did, he says, “maybe the cages have moved. Come in and we will get a CT scan.” He says, “The cages look good, hang in there.” Two days latter I get the first infection, he said “its ok, nothing to worry about, its only the size of a eraser at the end of a pencil. Use peroxide and a Q-Tip” but its in my incision. “I think you need to send a sample to the lab and give me Anti-biotics.” He says “oh no, its nothing, don’t worry about it.” Three days go by and no infection. So every seven to ten days I get a little infection for SIX MONTHS!!!! In the fifth month he gives me a anti-biotic, a weak one, for seven days, but nothing to worry about, still using peroxide every time I get a infection, After the six months no more infections. So in the mean time I have two more epidurals, X-rays every six weeks, and one more MRI, because the pain in my back, legs, and foot, hasn’t gotten better, BUT FUTION LOOKS GOOD, with all the pain I still go to PT two to three hours a day with lots of walking at home, its been seven months. Doctor says, “Go to work in five days, light duty, its ok.” I think he’s nuts, to much pain. The next day my incision is sore, OUCH! Six hours latter I have a knot the size of my fist. The local ER says “it’s infected, see your surgeon” I go see him and he’s MAD AT ME!!!!! “It is not infected, your ER does not know what they are looking at, it is not draining so it is not infected, and your incision has herniated on the inside.” “NO IT HASN’T DOC, NOT AFTER SEVEN MONTHS, YOU KNOW THE HISTORY” he says “Yes it is, see my partner in three weeks, he’s on vacation, go home” The next day I go to a DIFFERENT ER. That doc cuts me in two places, one inch long and an inch and a half deep, and down inside toward my groin two inches, ITS INFECTED. Send samples to a lab, prescribe anti-biotics, and refers me to a general surgeon. The next day it’s worse. I go see the general surgeon, he cuts me three inches long, a inch and a half deep, and two inches down inside toward my groin in two different directions, oh ouch more pain, both of these docs do it in the ER without any pain med, OH PLEASE GOD. Doctor sends samples to the lab, two anti-biotics, I go home. Nurses come to my house twice a day to change the packing; it must be left open to heal. One day latter I feel terrible, very sick. My temperature is 93. Nurse says, “Not good, very bad, see the doctor.” NO SH*T!!! He puts me in the hospital for Abscessed staff infection. He guts me like a fish. Five inches, you don’t even want to know the rest. I go home after two days, he says “nurses change the packing for two times a day, for five to six weeks” but in three weeks it’s healed. He says, “you must be very healthy, you’re a very fast healer.” I think this is your surgeons fault but I can’t put that in my report.” HE SAVED MY LIFE, THANK YOU DOC GOD BLESS YOU. My old orthopedic, you know FROM THE BIG UNIVERSITY calls me at home and says, “I hear you had a abscess.” NO SH*T DOC F#CK YOU DOC “but Mr. ______ I did not do this to you, its not my fault” “bull and you did nothing, remember doc you said noting to worry about, oh it nothing, peroxide and a Q-Tip for six months, thanks a lot. Remember when I said cure me or kill me, I was kidding about the kill me part. I will not see you anymore.” He says, “Oh no, don’t do that, we are married on your fusion, I’m your surgeon.” “Oh no your not, bye doc.” Oh yeah F#CK YOU DOC. So now I see a doctor in occupational med, he’s not the best or at the biggest, but he listens to me and cares about what I’m going through. I had to see the work comp doctor last week. He says, “The Fusion never grew”, great a failed fusion. So now my occupational doctor is looking for the best he can find. We want at least two or three opinions, after eleven months I found out I have a failed fusion, oh boy how I love pain. So what do you think of my story. (Scares the H*LL right out of me) The doctors say the cages are destroying the bottom of L5 and the top of S1, OH DID I TELL YOU I HAVE A ARTERRY NEXT TO ONE CAGE AND IF IT MOVES TO THE RIGHT I WILL BLEED TO DEATH!!!! Doctors say I have no choice; I must have another surgery, great more pain. I have my medical records form the first orthopedic doctor now, and nowhere in it does he mention an infection anyplace ever, or that the fusion has failed. All it says is “incision looks good, fusion looks good”, time after time after time. I guess he was looking out for himself. Does anyone know of lawsuits over these cages or do you know how I can stick him for the infections. I am looking for a specialist for failed cage fusions in IL. Or close to it. I need your help PLEASE!!!

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