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Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis??

Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis??

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Posted by Keith Hosford on September 01, 2000 at 09:57:25:

In Reply to: Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis?? posted by claire cornish on August 29, 2000 at 14:06:16:

I just had the C4-5 C5-6, c6-7 done this past Monday August 28th and am now home recuperating. I have hardly any pain at all and my surgery (so they say) was a good success. It was not painful at all and they used cadaver bone instead of injuring my hip and taking my bone. My neuro-surgeons, Dr. Norman Torres and Dr. Peter Shedden just had so much confidence in their skills they brought me right along with them in expecting no problems and success. My biggest problem right now , so help me, is this cervical collar that I have to wear for 4 to 8 weeks, I understand. If you are facing this surgery and have a surgeon of the caliber that I had......I see no reason for not going forward. I did almost overdose myself with steroids before finally finding this opportunity for the surgery. Hope this testimony helps someone else facing this. God was with me and the doctors, I have no doubt.
: : I was in a automobile accident and ruptured C5,6 and T8,9. I went through all of the conservative measures: epidurals, Physical Therapy, etc. I could not bear the pain so I elected to have the new "minimally invasive technique". They go in with a very small instrument and remove a portion of the herniation, leaving everything else intact. No scars! However, both were unsuccessful and I am now worse than I was. I have to have disk fusion at C5,6 with bone removal from the hip immediately and am also concerned about the recovery period. Can anyone answer a few questions:
: : Can you walk right away? In other words take care of yourself? Will I be back to work in two months? Finally, does everyone have problems with their voice and neck after surgery? Thank you all in advance for your help on this great board.

: : : : : I've just been diagnios with cervical spondylosis with high grade stenousis at c5-6. the neruosergion is recomending surgery. I'm only 36 and very active are there any alternatives to surgery?: like many other people, I have cervical spondylosis with much pain, herniated disc diagnoses C8-T1, and all the other stuff everyone describes when it all becomes extreme, including the dizziness and leg problems. I sometimes feel there isn't much future out there. I live in Paris where there isn't much feedback. I've heard of laser surgery? Anybody tried it? So far, apart from the cortisone injection in the neck, I haven't had any radical treatment.

: : : : I have found out from a MRI I have a Moderately Severe Degenerative Disk Disease with Generalized posterior spondylosis, and a righ lateral disk protrusion at C6-7. and a disk protrusion at
: : : : C4-5. Dr. Said 80% chance for surgery, but first he wants to try other alternatives like Cortizon injections. I am highly against Steriods and they can be very painfull as well, I think I would rather have surgery then this injection! that may help with the pain for a short time.
: : : : Anyone out there I know that has has this injection or surgery. What was best for them. I am very afarid of surgery, and the injections as well, so confused on what to do. Do I have a choice between the injection or the surgery? I think I do!!(Help Help) only I can make the decisons I know.

: : : i have the same problem. i have been told that surgery is the only cure. with my allegies surgery is almost out of the question. i am taking prolotherapy injections and also i have been to a holistic healer. the numbness and pain in my arms and hands have decreased. i am taking some herbal remedies also. i am going to start on a martial arts called Tai Chi that is supposed to help. my doctor is real happy that i am going to a holistic healer. the healer said i didn't need surgery. i feel with gods help and my doctor that i will come thru this. i hope i have helped in some way. may god bless you and good luck

: I have had 4 disks replaced with donor bone in 96, took a fall in 98 and had to have the remaining bottom disk replaced. Normally I would be off work for 6 to 8 weeks, returning part time and wearing a collar for a time. I could walk immediately after surgery and have had no voice or neck problems. There is no quick fix for this. My first neuro surgeon told me the surgery is the easy part. It is important to work on our bodies daily. I walk, do thai chi or yoga and I am ok, never pain free but ok. If I do not do these things to care for myself my body gets stiff and I have pain. Care for yourself we search out the best doctors but the recovery is up to us. I agree the holistic way is the best but when all else fails find the best professional you can.
: love and best wishes

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