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Re: Cervical spinal stenosis

Re: Cervical spinal stenosis

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Posted by samantha on September 01, 2000 at 20:12:41:

In Reply to: Re: Cervical spinal stenosis posted by Debbie Humphrey on July 29, 2000 at 21:02:25:

: : : : : : I have had cervical fusion at C4-C5 level and later at the C5-C6 level. Both fusions due to a herniated disc problem caused from different sources. They removed bone from the pelvic region to insert into the vertibra. Was only in hospital 3 days with last surgury. hardest part was getting the area where they removed the bone to funtion so I coould walk without pain. I was 42 at that time, so you can make it being only 26. Also would suggest that you should insist on frontal surgury as anterior approach causes to many later problems. I am looking for any advice for this. I am 26 years old and have been in pain for over a year. I have weakness in my arms and numbness in my hands and pain radiating down my spine and at my neck and shoulders. I have tried injections, massage, steroids, muscle relaxers, antiinflammatories, therapy. These have only been a minimal help. Are there any other things that have helped? Does surgery work and what are the risks of surgery? Please help!
: : : : Stephanie: I was only 25 when I had my first operation. I have had three due to an inherited condition. Aubrey is right when she says to have the surgeon go in through the front (anterior) rather than the back (posterior). It is a much easier procedure to go through. I have had both and I much preferred the front (anterior). Also, ask your surgeon about receiveing a fibular allograft (graft of shinbone from the bone bank). My last two surgeries consisted on fusions and I had allografts both times. This was done so I would have only the one incision site and so healing would be easier. Not all doctors do this, for reasons I don't know, but my did and I am glad. You also need to be sure to get a second and a third opinion, if need be. Have you had an MRI? If so, did it show stenosis? It sure sounds like your spinal cord is being impinged judging from your numbness and weakness. The sooner you have surgery, the sooner the impingement is relieved and the better you will feel. You may be left with residual pain and weakness depending on how long this has been occuring. But, trust me, you learn to live with any "leftovers". I know I have. As with any surgery, there are risks, but the risks of not having surgery when the spinal cord is impinged, is greater. I hope I have been of some help. Please feel free to e-mail me if you'd like. Helen

: : : I am 58 and have been diagnosed with spinal cord stenosis (MRI) of the 4,5,6 cervical... I have had 4 doctors to look at the MRI. 3 of them wanted to operate right away and was told by 2 that if I didn't that I would be paralized if I was in a car accident, stepped off a curb suddenly or even if someone hugged me too tightly. I found a surgeon from New York who told me that unless I was in severe pain to leave it alone. He also told me that he had done over 2,000 successful surgeries of this type and if I was involved in an accident he could "fix" it. He told me to go home and enjoy my retirement. This I am doing. I know 3 people who have undergone the surgery and are worse than they were before . I am not sure and I guess it has to be up to the individual. I don't think I could work again as I do take it easy and rest a great deal during the day.But I can motivate and as long as I can I just do not want to go through the surgery that might not help but hinder.
: : My name is Ronald Owens and I am in the Army. I have cervical spinal stenosis in the c3-c7 and was told by my doctor to go as long as I could tolerate the pain without the surgery. I miss not being able to do my physical activities. Do you think that if I had the surgery I could return to doing my activities such as running and weight lifting. I've been getting alot of opinions so please share yours.

: I just found out that I have spinal stenosis. I am 43 and have been having neck pain for over a year, with intermittant numbness down my right arm. The numbness has gotten really bad, making writing and other tasks I take for granted difficult at times. I also have bulging disks with some compression. I am being referred to a neuro-surgeon by my GP after a review of my MRI. I am complete ignorant about stenosis. It is my impression that it is a progressive type of disease, and is technically a narrowing of the spinal column. I would love some information from anyone willing to give it. Questions I have are: is surgery necessary, what is the average recuperation time, and what are the post surgery limitations? Thanks all.

Samantha: I have a disc herniation at C5-6 with spinal stenosis. I just recently found out that I had the stenosis. My first doctor did not tell me I had stenosis - that was in January of this year. I developed low back pain, can not sit along with the neck symptoms. I have been out of work since May. Had lumbar MRI's. Nothing showed. This week I ended up in Emergency room twice. Bladder and bowel functions and "stroke like symptons" . Facial drawing on the left side and severe muscle spasms. Saw a neurologist. Evaluated my MRI's. Said my stenosis was causing my problems. Recommended surgery soon. Pain is almost unbearable. Has anyone had symptoms like this. would like opinions.

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