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Re: help with diagnosis

Re: help with diagnosis

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Posted by Sue on September 09, 2000 at 22:50:35:

In Reply to: Re: help with diagnosis posted by Lisa on September 06, 2000 at 18:22:24:

: : : I have had little luck with doctors and would greatly appreciate the knowledge of people with similiar symptoms. Please tell me what you think.

: : : I'm 33 and have a chronic stiff sore neck. My hands tingle (especially when directed upward when holding a telephone or sleeping with arms bent upward toward my head). Occasionally my toes tingle or feel numb. My neck and hands have been this way for about 5 years. My hands have progressed to being very stiff in the morning (arthritic feeling) and ache all day, often radiating up my arms. I often "crack" my neck and wrists for relief. It doesn't work.

: : : About 5 1/2 years ago, I was rear ended. It seemed very low impact. My neck hurt for about one day, stopped, then about 4 months later, I woke up with a sore, stiff neck that has never left. Both of my hands simultaneously began tingling sometime after the accident. I don't know if there is any relationship.

: : : I recently had a nerve conduction test on my wrists, elbow, and neck. The doctor said everything was normal. I have been pretty much disregarded since then. I am trying to convince my medical insurer to allow me to have a MRI. Can anyone tell me what this sounds like? What kind of doctor should I see? Why are the tests coming back normal? I would really appreciate some insight. Thank you.

: : Lisa, I too have similar sypmtoms as your and was also in an accident. I have been suffering for many years. I would be happy to share my experience with you. I have cervical stenosis and one spurs and recentlly had MRI's on both my cervical and lumbar spine. The problem started with my cervical spine. Please respond with your email; I look forward to talking to you.

: Margaret, my e-mail address is [email protected]
: I would be grateful to hear of your experiences. Please email soon and thank you.

Margaret I recently was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, I started with a tight feeling I had in my groin and tingling in my feet and now in my legs, I have begun to have a terrible tiredness when I walk and cannot walk for any length of time. I have had an MRI and it was diagnosed so the doctor said when I have weakness and pain which I do not have at this time I would need to see a specialist. I am at this point as I have had a very busy life and do not want to give it up.
I will be looking at my options I do know they like to do injections as a first option I am wondering if pt would help as I am a person who walks for miles and havent had the energy to do this I would appreciate talking with you I am rosa at Thank you.

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