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Re: mild spondylosis with symptoms of TM

Re: mild spondylosis with symptoms of TM

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Posted by l. olka on October 07, 2000 at 00:42:55:

In Reply to: mild spondylosis with symptoms of TM posted by Stefani Lowe on October 06, 2000 at 22:39:51:

: I have been seeing a neurologist for about 8 weeks now due to neurological problems that began with cramping of my calf, moved to numbness in face and left arm and proceeded to weakness and uncoordination in my legs. I have had a brain MRI which showed a "small lesion" with demylenating process in my brain. My neurologist believes this is not causing my symptoms and could have been there for years. His belief is that I have Transverse Myelitis. My spine/neck MRI reportedly came back negative, but upon reading the results myself today I saw there was "mild spondylosis, greatest at C5-6, with small ventral right protrusion". Unfortunately, not only do I have no idea what this means, I don't know why I wasn't told of this. Can someone explain what specifically the C 5-6 region is? Is that in my neck? Is there a web site that shows the different regions so I could understand where this is likely happening? Could this be causing my symptoms? I have not spoken yet to my neurologist about my discovery today but have yet to have any treatment for this mild spondylosis. Do patients tend to receive treatment if their condition is simply mild? Should I be asking some further questions of this neurologist? Thank you.

I have had many problems in my neck area. C5, C6, and C7. All rupturd and needed fused, along with a plate put in. It sounds much worse than it is. Like myself, I thing your injury is in more than one place. I have symtoms of numbness and shooting pains in my hands. Weakness mainly in my right arm, hand and shoulder. With loss of muscle, due to amount of ti e it took bfore a doctor did something about it. I also have numbness on the left side of my head and face. This I believe is due to the swelling from the neck area. Pinching nerves at the jaw similar to TMJ. From what I have been told, nerve pain doesn't go upwards, but downwards. I sugguest you continue looking for a speecialist until you find one that will really look into your case. I have been very lucky. Don't waste you time on just nay doctor. Go to the top of the line in your area. You could be having more than one thing going on, allowing for mis diagnosis. Good luck

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