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Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis

Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis

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Posted by MTP on October 16, 2000 at 14:49:10:

In Reply to: Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis posted by Sharon on September 30, 2000 at 20:20:23:

: I have read several case histories of Cervical Spondylosis. I seem to be the only one that has diagnosed this condition. I have been on a medical rollercoaster and live in a town known for their state-of-the-art medical facilities. My symptoms are the same as others say - debilitating neck pain, left arm pain that almost feels like there is a giant rubber band cutting off the circulation, and of course sleep deprivation. I know I have degenerative changes and disk herniation but no mention of spondylosis. I am so proud to read comments from people who are suffering more than I am (if that's possible). Trying to find anything that makes my pain manageable is like winning the lottery. I am a working school teacher who is also in graduate school. If I do not find medical answers soon, I may have to give up everything. I am a 45 y/0 female and life has to be better than to endure this pain. By the way, before this, I was a very active female. For 20 years, I have weighed appx. 115 lbs. Since this condition has invaded my body, I do have the energy to exercise and have gained 15-20 pounds. I would gladly weigh 1000 pounds to have a normal, pain-free life. If there is anyone who can tell me what to do next. I have gone through 8 weeks of physical therapy without relief. I would like to avoid surgery because of work and grad school but I cannot go on this way. I would appreciate hearing from someone.(em:[email protected]
I was diagnosed and opted for surgery. I Had the surgery Sept 27,2000. Although the shooting pains down my right arm that I used to have are gone the head aches are not as intense I still have pain in my neck. I should. I am only a few weeks post op. But I still suffer from what seemsd to be a sore throat. I have diddiculty swallowing. Sometimes I gag and choke. I had a fusion at c4 to c5 due to the spondylosis. I have a plate and four screws installed on my neck as well as the a piece of bone that was taken from ny hip. The hip is a killer. I am walking, but slowly and for short durations. I cannot even lift a jug or pitcher of water without pain and a burning, pulling sensation in my neck. The hip is a totally different story-- pain is continual. I thank God for my son and my boyfriend who help out and do all the household chores. The doctor did say healing time would be about 8 weeks-- but I don't foresee that. This all sounds dreary but I do feel much better than I did prior. And I do believe that I will only feel even better. I do have limitiations in movement. I can't turn my head like I used too. I can't look up at the sky without arching my back. And I am still not driving. But I am sure it won't stay this way. I would reccommend the surgery if you are in dire pain. I was. And I do feel better-- But I am sure it takes a very long time to heal.

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