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Re: Crushed spinal cord in C-4-5-6

Re: Crushed spinal cord in C-4-5-6

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Posted by Kristen on October 16, 2000 at 22:10:14:

In Reply to: Re: Crushed spinal cord in C-4-5-6 posted by John B. on October 16, 2000 at 18:56:11:

JOHN... Hi again... I did not get a cervical collar as my doctor says that adds like 6 months in recovery and tons of PT to follow. I had surgery at 3:30 friday afternoon, back to my room at 9:00 p.m. My doc is a night owl and because I was doing so well, he discharged me from the hospital on Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. -- 24 hours after my surgery! I'm a legal assistant, so I sit at a desk and work at a computer, answer the phone and that kind of thing. NOTHING like your job, so you will probably be out of work a lot longer than me. I will be returning to work on 10/30. The relief in pain and the numbness is fabulous! Doc did not order PT for me but did tell me to get to walking 3 miles a day... grrr... I hate to walk! but I'm working on it. If you would like, email me [email protected] Good luck & God Bless, Kristen

: : : I am scheduled to have surgery on Nov 6 to repair this problem. My arms and legs vary from occasional buzzing to burning and sometimes lightning bolt sensations. As far as I can figure, the injury is due to a car wreck I was in 41 years ago. I have been dealing with thses symptoms along with some others thinking that they were caused be the significant mass of scare tissue in my brain that looks like I had a major stroke. The neck injury was not diagnoised at the time of the wreck. It was discovered while doing an MRI to check for MS, since that is what my symptoms appeared to be like. It looks like my cord is about 75% pinched in C-5. Has amyone else had a proceedure like this? They plan to go in thru my throat and remove the affected part of the vertabrae and the implant a piece of donor bone so that the spinal canal will be shaped correctly, and the cord may then resume it's normal shape. Will it get better, after 41 years of peing pinched? This whole thing is really confusing. JoHn

: : JOHN: I had surgery on 9/29 to fix a similar problem C6-7 was pressing on my spinal cord. I did not have a bone graft but had a titanium plate & screws from C5-7 as I had a herniated disc. My feet, legs, arms, hands were constantly numb. The day after surgery, I asked my sister to straighten out the toes on the socks you were (they have you wear thigh high socks & put a machine on you to keep circulation going & prevent your legs from cramping)... When she went to straighten them, I jumped, as I am very ticklish on my feet. The day of surgery she put them on and I just laid there with no feeling! No headaches anymore either. Right now I have burning sensations in my neck & shoulders... Some pain in the incision area (front of neck) but other than that, I feel great! Good Luck & God Bless

: Kristen, thank you for your response. It is just the kind of info I am looking for. How is your recovery going? How long were you in the hospital? What kind of brace did you/are you wearing? I am an operator on a newspaper press, and I am concerned about my ability to go back to work. It is a very physical job, comparable to being a framing carpenter. Speed, agility, and flexability are crucial to my performance. So far I have been able to stay ahead of many of my co-workers, eventhough some of them are less than half my age. I just never have told them that my arms and legs are usually humming like an old country telephone line. Your response has certainly made me feel a little better about the whole thing. Thank you, and God's speed on your recovery! JoHn

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