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Re: Cervical spinal stenosis

Re: Cervical spinal stenosis

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Posted by Teresa on November 02, 2000 at 18:49:43:

In Reply to: Re: Cervical spinal stenosis posted by paul on March 17, 2000 at 10:10:41:

: :Has anybody ever had cooridnation problems?My wife has been in pain for a year,but the most scary part is the lack of coordination.She has also had eye problems.She has had all tests to rule out MS,but no one can pin point the problem.She has a slightly buldgind disc c-2,c-3
: Any help would be great : I have had cervical fusion at C4-C5 level and later at the C5-C6 level. Both fusions due to a herniated disc problem caused from different sources. They removed bone from the pelvic region to insert into the vertibra. Was only in hospital 3 days with last surgury. hardest part was getting the area where they removed the bone to funtion so I coould walk without pain. I was 42 at that time, so you can make it being only 26. Also would suggest that you should insist on frontal surgury as anterior approach causes to many later problems. I am looking for any advice for this. I am 26 years old and have been in pain for over a year. I have weakness in my arms and numbness in my hands and pain radiating down my spine and at my neck and shoulders. I have tried injections, massage, steroids, muscle relaxers, antiinflammatories, therapy. These have only been a minimal help. Are there any other things that have helped? Does surgery work and what are the risks of surgery? Please help!

About 3 months ago I bent over to pick something up off the floor and felt what I can only describe as electricity go up both of my legs. Shortly after that I began experiencing numbness and tingling in my hands, fingers, arms, legs, toes. I also have numbess on my chest and my back. The past couple of months my legs have been getting weaker and feeling heavy as well as getting muscle spasms in my thighs, mostly at bedtime. I had an MRI done and my neurosurgeon told me today I have cervical spinal stenosis at level 5/6 and a very badly herniated disc. I am 40 years old and have had rheumatoid arthrtis since I was 19. I am planning on having surgery in a couple of weeks where they will go in the front of my neck and take out the disc and put a bone graft there. He said I should only spend 1 night in the hospital and can't pick up anything heavier than a phone for 2 weeks after. He said surgery is done with the main intention of stopping the progession of symptoms, but in about 50% of cases you get a bonus of reversal of symptoms. I am hoping for a favorable outcome of both aspects. I wish all of you well who are going through this. It's no fun, but I thank God I have options and have such a supportive group of family and friends!

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