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Re: Very low back pain

Re: Very low back pain

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Posted by Eric on November 11, 2000 at 09:58:30:

In Reply to: Re: Very low back pain posted by Diana on November 11, 2000 at 00:40:23:

: : Hi

: : I plan on getting another opinion. I have an appt at Christmas to see my back surgeon. I'm hoping that since he did my surgery and knows me that maybe he'll have an explanation as to my pain. I didn't mention it before but sometimes I get this really uncomfortable feelings in my left leg. Its not pain really or at least not sharp pain. Its not constant so the doctors don't seem too concerned. The pain in my leg seems to be relational to the pain in my back. The more my back hurts, the more I notice the leg pain.

: : How did your screw break? I saw the size of the screws they use and I find it difficult to believe that it could break. Was it broken right from the start?

: : Thanks for your responses

: : : Lisa,

: : : Hi. Me again. Maybe you should get another opinion. I went to so many Doctors until they figured out what was wrong before my 1st surgery. I also went to 2 before my second repair surgery and was told I was fine. Nope, that wasn't true. I don't have much faith myself anymore.

: : : Stick to your guns. Don't back down. You know your body. I insisted to my Doctor 7 months before my repair that I knew something was wrong. He handed my a box of tissues and said have a good cry, your healing fine. Oh yeah, broken screws are normal, right? You see what I'm saying. lol

: : : Ask to have a CT done and an EMG to see if there is any nerve root irritation? I think we all have aches and pains, but you know when you need pain meds to make it through the day, something is wrong!

: : : Stay strong and hope I helped ya. Sorry you have to go through this. Been there!

: Hi Lisa,

: I'm glad your going back. My screw was broke for 7 months and we don't know how it broke. Titanium is suppose to be strong. Bad luck maybe?! lol

: I have an idea it was broke right from the start. The Doctor admitted he had trouble locking the screw. I had pain 3 weeks after that surgery. When I had hip pain that was excrutiating, I went back to the Doctor. First he saw something. The red flags were up. (He said he didn't like the looks of my fusion and the screw looked like it was broke) Said come back, its to early to tell. Went back 1 month later, couldn't stand the pain. He said, Oh you're fine and handed me the box of tissues.

: Then I had my own studies done and went to hip Dr. (who operated on my hip) and 2 more opinions from Orthopaedics. They said, I was fine, too. Finally for my 1 year checkup, 9 days after my hip surgery (I brought my CT with me) and i went into my Surgeon and said I know something is wrong. I know what pain is and I am huring and something is really wrong.

: He took one look at my CT's, threw them down and said, yup you have a broken screw. He then talked with me for 2 hours. Went through 1 year of xrays and the (red flag) from 7 months earlier really was the broken screw!

: You know your own body! Good luck and keep me posted.

Good morning,
I have read your posts and messages to each other and find myself in the early stages of where you are. I have had back pain for 8 1/2 years and have not had severe problems until I ruptured my L-4/5 disc in February. In March I had a microdiscectomy done. That helped for about 3 weeks. Then, bam, the pain came back. I was put on heavy doses of narcotics and told that my doctors were trying to make appointments for me. All the while, my neurosurgeon, who was supposed to know me and be my best advisor, released me from his care and sent me away. I am in the military (Air Force) and the doctor's at my disposal had no idea how to treat me. So, for six months I was given Percocet, Trazadone, Baclofen, Neurontin, Remeron, Tramadol, Lortab, Vioxx, Corticosteriods, and Motrin. At the end of September I had finally had enough of all the pills and abruptly took myself off them. Wrong thing to do personally, but, it got my AF doctor's attention. 5 days of harsh withdrawl and a bag and a half of IV fluid later, I was okay. The pain was and is still bad, and I have finally seen a doctor that has a plan for me. Fusion, Titanium cage, now I read your posts and don't know if it's exacly what to do. I am definately leaning toward the surgery, my chances are better than living like this for the rest of my life. I am 28, and have 3 children that I can't play with. My wife and family don't like seeing me in the shape I am in. So, if this will help me, I am going to do it. The risks to me are worth it, personally. Any advice on what I should do post op, and things I shouldn't do? Thanks for reading and responding.
Eric, North Carolina

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