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Re: symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis

Re: symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis

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Posted by sherry on December 17, 2000 at 11:22:32:

In Reply to: symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis posted by Randy on December 16, 2000 at 22:52:28:

: I was diagnosed with mild cervical spinal stenosis about 6 months ago. I had an MRI of the cervical spine. One doctor said that leaning my head back at the dentist for so long probably did it. That's when my symptoms started. I have no pain. My symptoms are as follows.
: 1) At times, weakness or a nervous feeling in my arms and legs (especially after eating).
: 2) When I lift my arms above my shoulders while holding something heavy, my arms will shake.
: 3) My neck will tremble as I lift my head and body out of bed. Sometimes I can feel the trembling in my face.
: 4) My hands sometimes feel weak. It is harder for me to write now.

: I am 44 years old, and work on a computer all day. In addition, I have been hitting a heavy punching bag for the last 20 years. I saw a couple of the best spine doctors in Miami Fl, as well as a couple of neurologists. When they test my reflexes, strength, etc., they all say I am fine. But I know I am not.
: I even saw a gastroenterolist and told him that I didn't feel right sometimes after eating and that I felt cold, nervous and weak right after eating. He gave me some tests and said I was fine. The stange thing is that all these feelings started right after the dentist.
: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks in advance.

: Randy

Hey Randy,
I'm with you! You're probably not fine (at least not in the way your doctors are suggesting). I would also question that bit about "the long time spent in the dentist chair".
I have severe stenosis in both my neck and lower back but it took a lot of work on my part to find that out and then when I did, the doctor told me there was no hope, I would end up paralyzed.
Before being diagnosed I was always being told my symptoms were all in my head or, that it's depression. Although I was depressed, I knew which came first. I found my answers (as to what was going on with me, and why doctors believed I was physically fine) by looking up CASE STUDIES and papers submitted to medical journals. Here you have many people with similar diagnosis coming together at the request of a interested doctor (or shell I say, a doctor with a particular interest). These doctors explore the "small picture" (that symptom which is intangible to them but drives you up a wall) hidden within the agreed upon physical description which allows for the practice of medicine.
It seems rather common to have degeneration in our necks, after all, we use them 24-7; but I think when a doctor tells us we're fine it's like giving us permission to not pay attention. I hope you can figure out the helpful information from in what everyone says and be well.

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