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Carol Re: Cervical Spondylosis

Carol Re: Cervical Spondylosis

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Posted by Betty on November 14, 1999 at 18:45:24:

In Reply to: Re: Cervical Spondylosis posted by Carol on November 11, 1999 at 11:31:53:

: : Hi,
: : I would like any info from anyone here who suffers from cervical Spondylosis. I have just been diagnoised with a median case of this, I know what my symptoms are but not much else. How bad can this get? I already have frequent severe headaches as well as Numbness in my hands and arms and a weird tingly feeling from time to time. I have pain in my head in the back and in the neck and shoulders. I also have a crunchy poppy noise when I turn my head. I also get dizzy and some weird feelings in my legs and feet. How many people have the same symptoms. I am only 39 and they say the accident I had two years ago may be the cause. I also have some blurred vision. I would appeciate any input on this from anyone who may suffer from this disorder.
: : Thanks....

: Dear Betty,
: I have spent the last 15 to 20 years dealing with this same problem. I am 44 years old and my condition continued to worsen. I experienced many of the symptoms you describe. I did the whole medication route and physical therapy over and over. None of these things worked and I actually became worse from taking medications. I finally found a chiropractor who did all he could, but I still ended up in surgery in 1995. They did a posterior laminectomy and forminotomy and whatever! Well needless to say, this did not last long! I never was completely relieved of symptoms, but I kept pushing-on. By June of this year, I was so bad again, I had to stop working, and I underwent a second surgery in July. An anterior, multi-level fusion of my neck. I had 3 herniated disks and osteophytes all over pushing on the nerve roots. I still am trying to recover from this major "repair job." I have accepted that I will never be the same again, and I can't begin to explain what it feels like being fused. I still have many of the same symptoms, but I'm in physical therapy, AGAIN, trying to become somewhat normal. I pray that your case does not worsen to the extent mine did...I do not think people understand how much it hurts and it's just very scarey! I feel like I've gone through so much, and I really needed someone who could understand what this condition feels like. How is the rest of your back...Any problems in the lumbar area? I have multiple problems. I guess we just have to push-on and do the best we can. Please e-mail me if you feel like talking. I sure do understand what you are going through! Thanks.

Thank You for the info, I appreciate the time that you took to write it. I am going to try the PT route and Meds first I Think the thought of surgery scares me..They mentioned shots in the area and epidural injectione as well..I dont know what any of this will do in the long run. I dont have constant pain but when I do its pretty bad. The numbness and heavy and stiff feelings are sometime worse than the pain. I also get a lot of Headaches too. I have a really loud crunching noise that only I can hear when i turn my head from side to side sometimes..My lower back is so so. I have some lower disc degeneration as well.But not as bad..
I do not see your e-mail and it will not let me pull it up..I would like to correspond with you.Thanks again for the response

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