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Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis

Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis

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Posted by Sandy on November 18, 1999 at 14:31:51:

In Reply to: Re: surgery for cervical spondylosis posted by PATRICIA on October 15, 1999 at 10:29:26:

: I too had cervical spine surgery.. i awoke one morning having difficulty walking.. an mri revealeld 4 levels of bone spurs from c-3 to c-7.. I am a 35 year old very fit athelete.. who knows how this happened? anyway, they operated both anterior/posterior and gve me two new neck bones , fused, and plated.. i have 15 screws and 3 plates holding the fusion together.. i didn't return to my job for 8 weeks.. the healing process is VERY slow.. my back neck muscles were the most painful of all.. it felt like i had a 100 lb bowling ball on my shoulders.. its been 3 months now post op, and the majority of neck pain has subsided, but the "spascity" remains a big problem they tell me this is due to the nerve compression from bone spours.... make sure you find a teaching hospital and a skilled neurosurgeon.ek of November. He is taking a bone from my hip and placing it in my neck with a plate to do the fusion. He has said that I will be off work for no less than 6 weeks and possibly 8 weeks. He says the neck will heal much quicker than the hip. I know nothing about this surgery, about what I will be able to do once I have it (for the 6-8 weeks I am off), and what I will be restricted from doing. Can anyone who has had this surgery let me know what my possible limitations might be (lifting, driving a car, etc.) and how long they were actually off their jobs after the surgery. Anything you can tell me would be most helpful.

I've also had the surgery. A bit of advise? Don't use bone from your hip, use doner bone. My
Neurosurgeon said that when extracting bone from the hip, it causes severe pain and the
recuperation process is longer than the neck surgery. He said its not worth it!! The only reason
people opt for the hip procedure is because of the fear they might contract aides from the
doner boneplugs which is rediculous says my Doctor. I asked him what he would choose it
it were him going for surgery. He said Doner Bone Bank for sure.
I had herniation of the C3-4 C4-5 C5-6 levels with the C4-5 compressing halfway into my
spinal cord which was causing a slow paralysis. The surgery wasn't as bad as I thought it
was going to be. I had to wear a Hard Cervical Collar for 3 months. That was the worst part
I felt caustraphobic when lying down. My Doc gave me Valium and Ambien to help with that.
The pain really wasn't that bad. . For me I suffered more on a mental/emotional
level rather than physical pain cause I worried/stressed over my Spinal Cord being damaged.
Also due to my surgeon saying that my condition may get better, stay the same, or get worse.
Its been 3 years 8 months since surgery and my condition is just a little worse off. I experience
Intermittent muscle spasticity to my legs more specifally the right leg which causes
balance problems. I have hyper reflexes on my right side. My right/dominant hand/arm are
very weak with poor maneuvarability in my fingers. Neck pain is intermmittent but tolerable.The
really strange thing is, during my menstrual cycle all of the mentioned symptoms are stronger
which causes MAJOR Fatigue all over!! I usually miss about 4 days of work per month when
this happens. Yes my job is in jeopardy. But what can I do??
Anyway, goodluck/health to you in your decision.
Feel free to email me with any furtther questions or concerns you may have.

incoordination and loss of balance

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