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Kyphosis, scoliosis, spodolythesis, etc...

Kyphosis, scoliosis, spodolythesis, etc...

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Posted by Kelly Cook on January 28, 2000 at 21:21:22:

Until now there has been no treatment program available designed specifically to correct the Scoliosis muscular imbalance in the muscles surrounding the spine. Many people are interested in our program, but have not heard about it from their doctors because the medical community is skeptical about new programs. As with any new program and particularly one that goes against mainstream medical learning, it will take some time before the results convince the skeptics that there is an alternative to bracing and

Treatment generally lasts from six to twenty weeks, three times a week,
depending on the age of the patient as well as the duration and severity of the
Scoliotic curve. Young children and 80 years olds have had equally good

Clinics across the country are treating Scoliosis patients. These patients’
results are contributing to our many successes. Many people have benefited from
the Pneumex Scoliosis Program, and many more people could be helped with their

With this program we offer a viable alternative to the current approach of wait
and see, followed by bracing and surgery.

How does the Pneu-Back treatment work?
In the simplest terms, the Pneu-Back Program treats scoliosis by rehabilitation
of the small muscles along the inside curve of the spine, allowing them to pull
the spine into a normal position.

Does the treatment hurt?
The treatment does not hurt. There may be some muscle discomfort from
exercising muscles that have not been used for a long time

Is bracing involved?
In some cases the spine straightens with treatment but between treatments the
spine will try to return to a curved position. In this case the patient may
wear a soft comfortable brace, of our design, to help hold the correction in place until the
spinal muscles are strong enough to maintain the corrected position.

Is the Pneu-back treatment covered by insurance?
Yes, most insurance companies cover the Pneu-Back Program Scoliosis treatment.

Can I carry on normal routine during treatment?
Yes you may continue your daily routine throughout the treatment.

Will the curve return?
The curve will not return, providing the prescribed home exercises are continued
for the period recommended by the provider. The biggest problem we have is
getting the patient who has been treated to keep doing the home exercises after
the spine begins to straighten. This home exercise period lasts about a year or
more with re-evaluation by your provider at two or three month intervals. It is
essential to keep the spinal muscles strong to effect a life long change.

Where can I find someone to provide treatment?
Many of our customers are certified to provide scoliosis treatment and more
clinicians are being trained each month. Please e-mail us your area so we can
find a provider to help you.

Treatment Basics
The patient is diagnosed using the Pneu-MAP™ to measure the degree of curve (or
curves in the case of an S curve). The measurements are entered into a
Scoliosis software program, which recommends a set of treatment protocols. The
clinician uses the Pneu-Weight™ to prepare the patient for treatment and the
Pneu-Back Chair™ to provide the treatment.

Treatment Details
As an overview of the Pneumex Scoliosis Treatment program, we have found there
is invariably an imbalance in the core strength, hip flexors, extensors,
abductors and lower abdominals, which needs to be resolved before any lasting
changes can be made in a Scoliotic curve.

Step 1
In this step we begin by identifying and correcting these imbalances. This
involves a clinical and home strengthening and flexibility program that lasts
about four weeks.

Step 2
Involves a combination of clinical Unweighting exercises, which tends to
mechanically allow the back muscles to relax in a straightened posture and a
series of specific unilateral strengthening exercises. These exercises are
designed to balance the muscles, side to side, and eliminate the pattern of
tight muscles on the concave side of the curve and weaker muscles on the convex
side of the curve.
The average time of this phase of the program lasts from three weeks to five
months depending on the age and degree of curve at the beginning of the program.

Step 3
This phase of the treatment concentrates on correcting the anterior, posterior
posture, after the lateral curves have been stabilized. The exercises are
advanced to reinforce Para spinal and pelvic core strength both in the clinic
and the home program.
Our back program also works for kyphosis, back pain, bad posture, weight loss, herniated disks etc...write me for more information.

If you are interested in hearing more about our program, please write me directly at [email protected]

Thank You,
Kelly Cook

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