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Re: Upcoming Spinal Fusion and Decompression! SCARED!

Re: Upcoming Spinal Fusion and Decompression! SCARED!

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Posted by kay on January 31, 2000 at 18:53:39:

In Reply to: Upcoming Spinal Fusion and Decompression! SCARED! posted by Steve on January 20, 2000 at 11:35:52:

: Let me give you a little of my background. In 1990 I had a work related injury that herniated the L5-S1 level. Subsequent laminectomy discetomy was performed in 1991. I have had two more surgeries since then at levels L4-L5 and L3-L4. Recovery from each surgery was pretty good, but I was told that degenerative disk disease had set in and this may cause future problems. My pain at the present time is extremely bad and I have many sleepless nights.

: I am scheduled on 3/7/2000 for a Decompression Laminectomy to be performed by my Neurosurgeon as well as a Posterolateral Spinal Fusion to be performed by my Orthopedic Surgeon. The surgery is to be combined effort on both doctors on the same day.

: My concern at the present time is the surgery itself. They plan on using bone grafts from my hip as well as from a bone bank and also implanting Titanium Rods and Pins into the spinal structure itself. I have heard many horror stories and have heard very few people that have actually had a good experience from this type of surgical procedure. I have read many message boards and to be honest I am scared to death!!!!!

: My famly and I live in Florida and the surgery is taking place in Ohio (which is totaly out of our control). Frustration levels are very high. We have had a lot of trouble getting the surgery approved by the Ohio State Bureau of Worker's Compensation (BWC) just due to their normal red tape. We have been trying for 12 months to get this surgery done to no avail in Florida because there aren't any Doctors in our area that would accept the BWC as payment. Needless to say this has put a huge burden on my children and their schooling due to the fact that they have had to switch schools twice because we were unsure of what the BWC was going to do.

: We finally recieved approval on 1/14/2000 for the surgery and Temporary Total Disability. Needless to say attempting to keep up two households at the same time has been hard. If anyone has any suggestions as to where we can locate afordable housing or some type of assistance, it would be appreciated because we have exhausted every avenue that we know of.

: If anyone else has also been treated for major depression as a result to their situation, I would like to hear from them as well. I am on anti- depressants as well as anti-anxiety medications. My diagnosis has been assigned as major depression directly related to the industrial injury.

: I am at a crossroads right now and have been contemplating many things to get out of this surgery. It appears that the negatives outweigh the positives
: at the present time.

: I am looking at a 6 week time frame to give my blood for the surgery, 4 to 6 day hospital stay, then a 4 week recoup time (Before I can even travel), then an additional 6 week follow up visit to the DR. after that. That puts my family in Ohio almost 17 weeks until at least the end of May and possibly early June.

: I am wide open for suggestions on how to fund this wonderful venture when I am on a Social Security fixed income and my wife has to stay home because I can't take care of the children in my condition. LOL. I don't know if their are any grants out there to be applied for or anything like that. If anyone knows, please contact me at [email protected], any information would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all and hope you are pain free if you are
: reading this. :o)

: God Bless All,

: Steve

Hi!. My 16 year old son was diagnosed with a spinal tumor and had surgury in October. He is fused from T2 to T10. He is missing Two vertebrea and 2 ribs. He had bone grafting taken from both hips. You're right, We were all scared to death.
The good news is he is doing fine. He is waering a "Turtle brace" that goes from neck to hip. He drives, goes to school, has a part time job, goes out with his friends and is generally making his way just fine. We went to the doctor last week and he can expect to be in the brace for about 8 more weeks. He played football,baseball, track,
and basketball. Unfortunately, those are no longer possible, but he has found some new interests. The sugery took about 8 hours, and even though we stored up blood, he did not require a transfusion. He was in the hospital 5 days and his incision is about 18" inches long. We all wish this had not happened, but it did and he is great. We are all thinking of you. Please be assured that some surgeries go well. I pray yours does

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