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SCARED-This week, tumor resection and anterior fusing of T3-T6 (also SC Questions)

SCARED-This week, tumor resection and anterior fusing of T3-T6 (also SC Questions)

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Posted by Brad on February 05, 2000 at 00:03:10:

HI. Thank you for reading my post. On Thursday of this coming week I'm scheduled for endoscopic removal of a tumor/scar tissue mass that lies on the anterior side of T3-T6. This was resected via laminectomy before and was determined to be benign, but it grew back and was later radiated to reduce its size. It has stayed the same size since, but neurologic symptons have increased since about Labor Day. Anyway, I'm scheduled for surgery on Thursday in New York City. The neurosurgeon is planning on starting with endoscopic techniques through the chest wall to cut a slot from T3-T6, remove the mass and then fill in the slot with donor bone (fusing). The doc said that he might have to switch to open surgery to do the fusing with the donor bone. Here are my questons:

1. Does is sound reasonable to as the doc to try to remove the mass through only two vetebrae slots rather than four?
2. What will a fusion like this "feel" like.
3. How will I feel immediately after surgery?
4. What's in store for me in the weeks ahead -would like to attend a work meeting two weeks after the surgery date.
5. Will this fusion hamper my mobility / flexibility?
6. What can I do to help the spinal cord heal to get rid of the symptons that I have, which include: Stiffness in the knees and somewhat above and below the knees, hyper-sensitivity in the sole of the right foot, urological problems, pain in the back at the area of interest.

All thourhts (whether related to the questions above or otherwise) on this will be geatly appreciated. If possible, please send directly to my e-mail which is [email protected] BTW. my age is 46

Thanks so much.


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