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Re: C6, C7 disk rupture/muti-level cervical surgery

Re: C6, C7 disk rupture/muti-level cervical surgery

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Posted by Scott Cohen on February 06, 2000 at 00:57:46:

In Reply to: Re: C6, C7 disk rupture posted by Karen on January 05, 2000 at 10:40:52:

: : : Hello,
: : : I have just been diagnosed with a rupture of the disk between my C6 and C7 vertebrae. According to the neurosurgeon, there are fragments of the disk in my back, it's throwing my spine out of line, and is protruding anteriorally (towards spinal cord) and posterially (towards spine). Has anyone else had this and has anyone successfully avoided surgery with this? Also, the procedure he wants to do is to go through my throat, remove the disk and fuse it together with metal. Ugh...I'm going to try traction for a while, but have an appointment in a month. Any and all experience strength and hope would be helpful. Thanks...Liz

: :
: : Dear Liz:
: : I wl try to let you know my dilema,I have also been dx with hern.disc at C6-7 and am sch for surgery this thursday the 30th..I have tried cervical traction, no help..I have tried tens unit for pain relief no help. I have tried physical therapy no help..So i am giving in to the Neurosurgeon.,I need some pain relief..I wl let you know how this goes..he is also going to fuse ith with titatium metal plate he also said i wl be better in recpvery..I havent been able to sleep or lie down for days..I also have compressed nerve root thats causing alot of pain..good luck...Debbie frm Indiana

: Hi,

: I am currently considering the same surgery, disc removal, fusion with bone from a bone bank, and a metal plate. The surgery would be through the front of the neck. I am very interested in hearing from any of you who have already had the surgery and are in or have gone through recovery. I need to know how you feel and if you have been able to return to previous activity levels. Also, how long before you were back up and active after the surgery?

Hi there - My name is Scott and in October 97 I had 3 cervical disks fused with titanium plate and 6 screws inserted. Orth and Neuro Surgeons went through front of neck and healthy bone tissue was taken from left hip which was incredibly painful. Was in malibu brace for 13 months as the third level (C-7 near esophagus)did not fuse as quickly as C-5/C-6. While in the brace I had to sleep in a hospital bed and finally started physical therapy in November 98. Was going 3 times a week and presently only once/week. Have had numerous cortisone shots in C-7/T-1 region by my Ortho surgeon over the past year but my outlook is looking a bit better. Still have very limited range of motion on left side of neck and currently only use walking cane. Occasionally, my legs go out on me and lose all muscle tone/strength. They feel like jello but I guess I can live with this when I think how my outcome could have been if not for the surgery. Unfortunately, I have not yet returned to previous activity pre surgery and this is what is most frustrating to me. Please respond as I would like to chat and help you if possible. Scott in Maryland.

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