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Re: C-5,6 hern disc/symptoms don't match

Re: C-5,6 hern disc/symptoms don't match

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Posted by Marie on February 13, 2000 at 17:51:33:

In Reply to: Re: C-5,6 hern disc/symptoms don't match posted by Jeff on February 13, 2000 at 03:52:26:

: Hello, I too Have Hern. Discs at C5-C7, With Nerve Impingement from my central cord and left and right side at C6-7 I believe, I just had a Disco-Gram three days ago, I had read and heard mixed reviews on the procedure, Some said that it did not hurt, others said that it did. I am here to tell you, It was probably THE most agonizing 20-30 min. of my 34 yr. old life. Doc said he did not want to give me any sedation in order to get a measurable response to the type of pain in which he would inflict. NOT measuring severity of pain, More like wanting to find source of existing pain by inducing pain in suspected areas of the spine. After the first shot, I think it was up around C7, I nearly kicked dents in the operating table. My head was not strapped down so it was up to me to hold still with this needle sticking through the front of my neck to my Discs in my spine. I'm sorry am I scaring You??to make a long story short he finally gave me 100mgs Demerol to relax my uncontrollable shaking after the first shot. I could have said, no more! but I decided to stick it out for the other 2. They were not as painful as the first(Demerol) but very painfull none the less. I am really not trying to scare you, I just want you to realize what you may endure. I have not gotten results back as of yet. I wonder what new exploratory medical procedures they will use next!

Thanks Jeff for replying to me. Did you have weakness/numbess too? Are they suggesting surgery?
And where did you have Discogram done at?
Was your injury from MVA or trauma? I told the drs. I am willing to have discogram done but I have'nt heard back from the office yet. To make matters worse, I used to be a X-ray tech and I know way too much about how the Drs. can inflict pain to patients!! I never helped with this particular exam so thats why I am ignorant about how bad it can be. I have a pretty high level of pain now so it does scare me. I also am ready to go for a second opinion after test is done to make sure that things are handled propertly.

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