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To THOSE ON or TRYING to get OFF Paxil

To THOSE ON or TRYING to get OFF Paxil

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Posted by Too Many labels to mention on September 05, 2000 at 05:39:30:

This is not to scare anyone, but if you are on Paxil, and it is working, DO NOT GET OFF OF IT! I have been on Paxil for over a yr, and it is working great. I do have some side effects, the number one being LACK of Sexual Desire, and some weird dreams(not really nightmares, but close) and I tried to get off of Paxil w/o my DR ok, and I was jittery, and shaky, and misserable inside. My whole body trembled, and I felt like my whole body was constantly moving in slow motion. It is not a good idea to stop without the advise of a medical professional, and if and when it is time to get off of them, it takes time. You have to decrease a little at a time. Baby steps, remember took time for them to work, and it will take time to let go. Also, for those of you who are paying for Paxil out of your own pocket, you know how costly they are. Talk to your Dr about getting FREE samples. Paxil is a drug (as well as Remeron...which I am also on) that the companies give your Drs in large quantities for the sake of giving patience them for FREE. If I had to pay for my meds out of pocket(I do not have health insurance) I would be spending over 1,500 a month on my meds alone........(that could buy me one hell of a nice home) and I get them all for free from my family DR. Take the advice of your DR whenever you feel a change in your body, and if the doses that you are on(whether Paxil or any other drug) if you feel that it is or isn't working well, tell your DR, it might be that you do not have the right dose, or that particular dose isn't right for you!!! And remember, when people tell you that it is in your head, THEY ARE RIGHT, IT IS IN YOUR HEAD, but some of us can not change that for it is chemical imbalances in our brains that do not let is function or cope, or deal with the realities of everyday life without our meds, and remember also, NOT EVERYONE IS SMART ENOUGH TO GO GET HELP, AND WE ARE NOT LESS OF PEOPLE B/C WE ARE ON MEDS, BUT WE ARE BETTER THAN THOSE AROUND US B/C WE ARE SMART ENOUGH TO GET THE HELP THAT WE NEED!!!!!!!!!11

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