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Re: Paxil>>> Was prescribed to me recently and I said NO THANKS!

Re: Paxil>>> Was prescribed to me recently and I said NO THANKS!

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Posted by jillyd on September 14, 2000 at 09:02:58:

In Reply to: Paxil>>> I no longer take it because of Horrible personality change. If anyone else is suspicious that Paxil is causing some harm to you or someone you love please read. posted by sabine on September 11, 2000 at 14:08:57:

:Dr wanted to switch me from Clonzepam to paxil,so after doing some research on my own I decided NO WAY no thanks! ITs got way too many potentially dangerous side effects and the withdrawal symptoms are worst than what I suffer from now..

I forgot to add that I used to take paxil for my anxiety, and it definetly seemed like a life-saver at the time. I lost all of my fears and self doubt. Thus my anxiety went away, because it was centered in those areas.
: The only problem is that I was not aware of HOW changed I became. I have said this many times. I became a BULLDOZER of a person. I have been told that paxil made me manic, and that does seem likely. Anyway, it turned me into a monster, and I hurt people, lost jobs, etc.
: You have reason to be concerned if you have ANY of these symptoms:
: Weird, extremely "evil" or sordid dreams
: You have found yourself self mutilating uncontrollably (I picked at the skin off the soles of my feet with a knife DAILY for many months untill they bled when I walked. I did not do this to hurt my self. It was a compulsion like nail biting.)

: You are increasingly hostile, or anger too quickly

: You have dicovered or someone has mentioned that you have become incredibly talkative. You are talking loudly and boisterously.

: You are having changes in you sleep patterns.
: Memory loss, hazy memory.

: You are very defensive about Paxil being only good for you.

: A sudden increase in alcohol consumption. You have dicovered that you like to drink alone, and a lot. OR now when you drink you get drunk very quickly from very little alcohol.

: While on paxil you had a sudden change of heart about your significant other, and are in the process of leaving, or have already left someone that you once loved before taking paxil. (happened to me)
: You are cheating on your spouse or steady love since paxil.

: You cannot control your impulses anymore leading to excessive spending, or out of control behavior unsusual to you befor taking paxil.
: You cannot control your impulses anymore AND YOU DON"T GIVE A DAMN ANYWAY.

: You are incredibly self rightous.

: You no longer feel anything deeply, but are capable of having intense anger.

: . . .whew!!

: Ok if you feel this way or know someone who does, a great resource is :

: Go there and you can get in touch with a support group of SSRI survivors.

: I hope that this helps someone out there!!

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