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Re: Depression at its peak a Feeling of NUMBNESS-SID Please read

Re: Depression at its peak a Feeling of NUMBNESS-SID Please read

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Posted by jillyd on September 20, 2000 at 10:04:18:

In Reply to: Depression at its peak a Feeling of NUMBNESS posted by SID on September 19, 2000 at 01:42:13:

at the end of every dark tunnel there is light,,,,,you are walkin thro the tunnel now,and its dark,cold,scary and feels hopeless,but remember this as you walk......remember that you were put on this earth for a reason,a damn good one...and that you will reach that light,you may even had to crawl along to make it but YOU WILL MAKE IT!
You are at the bottom SiD,and there is only one way out UP.....Realizing you are in a mess is the first MOST important step you have taken,admitting that you need help is winning half the battle.You have the courage and strenght inside of you to overcome this, dig really deep and I promise you,with all my heart,tht you will find it.Its there waiting for you to take hold of it.....
Right now I feel like crap,I have a bad head cold,a energetic 2 year old to deal with,and a panic attack hit me today,my first in weeks....but the sun is shining,the air is warm and smells sweet and my 2 year old loves her mommy despite the attacks.....This is wha I live for,as bad as it gets sometimes,I know tht it will get better,I just have to hold on and it make it thro one more day,one more,hour,one more breath.....

You will make it I know you will,go for it SID,give yourself a pat on the back,cause it takes guts to admit you have a problem and more guts to be able to deal with it

Hold on Buddy,help is on its way!

: these past few weeks my world came crumbling down
: ive gone trhough a complete mental transformation
: i dont feel like the man i use to be
: having other people see me like this is even more depressing
: i was sitting looking around my room at all the empty beer bottles & ashtrays overflowing feeling nothing but numbness
: and i realized im a mess and i need some help
: so i got an appointment with a pshychiatrist ....i know i didint spell that one right ...but anyway
: hopefully this guy will help get me back on the right track
: i cant sit here anylonger with a broken heart downing pain killers like candy and sleeping for 18 hours
: i only ate one sandwich in the last 4 days & i lost about 8 LBS
: i realize my anxiety and my ex will soon kill me if i dont get help
: today wasint to bad of a day
: i didint have one panic attack and thats rare
: but i noticed i was really snappy & still broken hearted the only time i felt a panic attack comming was when i was standing in line to pay for something at the store & i got so stressed out i just threw the stuff down & walked out
: i know i have a social phobia but i wanna get out for some fresh air once in a while
: its to bad good people like us should have to live like this
: is a angry mood swings & bad temper part of anxiety?
: or manic depressant?
: maybie i have it all who knows
: i would cut off my finger to get rid of anxiety if i knew thats what it would take
: but i guess we just gotta deal with it

: anyways i hope everybodys feeling ok and taking care of themselves

: also a special thanks to Kathrin again for helping me through the hard times that night i was crying & felt hopeless i was thinking of you & was starting to feel better i dont wanna sound corny but i almost felt like holding you in my arms
: everything you said meant alot
: Thanks

: take care everybody seeeya

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