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Re: Sounds like panic but I don't think it is.

Re: Sounds like panic but I don't think it is.

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Posted by Angela Hart on October 17, 2000 at 14:23:23:

In Reply to: Sounds like panic but I don't think it is. posted by Airyn on October 08, 2000 at 23:25:08:

: I know this is long but please read if you have the time and think you may be of help.
: 3 times in a week this has happened to me. I'm driving (once I was teaching class) and all of a sudden I get dizzy. Not like - ooh the world is spinning - but like I almost black out like I'm losing air. And everything gets numb. I don't even want to say dizzy because it's really different - but that's the only word I can think of. then I start to get scared because I know I'm going to pass out and probably die. One doc says it's panic attacks - the other says it's the flu. The only time I have ever been this scared was when I thought I was in a tornado.
: Here's why I don't think it is panic attacks - I have a stressful job but I have been WAY more stressed in my life before and when these happen it's never when I'm in a stressful situation.Also - I have a pretty good life, I don't have any anxiety problems or depression. And when it happens it's not like I'm stressing out or freaking out (I've had severe anxiety before in times of extreme stress and this is totally different and sooo scary) Is this familiar to anyone? Is there anything else it could be??? Thank you so much for reading this.

I'm so glad I found this website! I have had what I call dizzy spells for nearly 20 years. Sometimes I have gone for years without them, but during the past 2 years or so I have had them really badly. It's not like the room is spinning round, but I feel very lightheaded and a bit travel sick, and it's worse when I move my head in certain directions. It feels at times as if I'm going to faint, and that nothing seems real. Earlier this year I was forced to give up my job because I had ME-like symptoms - feeling like I had the flu, absolutely no energy, headaches, achy joints, continual dizziness, etc - and underwent every kind of test you could think of. I had my heart thoroughly checked, an MRI brain scan, numerous blood tests, but nothing was found to be wrong. I have since had throat pains, which have also turned out to be nothing but stress and anxiety. I am now working part-time again, and hoping to go full-time in the near future.

I believe your problem, like mine, is anxiety, although I was in denial for a long time as the panic attacks and anxiety hit me at a time when I had started a new job and was enjoying life. However, before that time I had been in a very stressful job with two extremely difficult women who made many people's lives hell, including mine. Prior to that I was in a job where I was working very long hours, for a boss who was, shall we say, somewhat eccentric. I think I had bottled up the anxiety, and that when it was released the panic attacks and feeling ill really started.

A suggestion for the dizziness is a special type of physiotherapy called Cawson Cooksey exercises. These involve undertaking different types of movements of the eyes, head, etc which would normally provoke a dizzy spell, and doing these a number of times per day until the brain becomes used to the movement and the dizziness improves. I was told that I had peripheral labrynthine disorder, which would come on worse when I was tired or under stress, and it may be that this is what you have.

I have yet to take any antidepressants or tranquilizers, despite my doctor's advice to do so, as I am concerned about the side effects. But it's basically what works for you.

Good luck, Airyn.

Angela, UK

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