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Re: 200mg of Zoloft, still have panic..

Re: 200mg of Zoloft, still have panic..

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Posted by madison on October 27, 2000 at 14:52:55:

In Reply to: 200mg of Zoloft, still have panic.. posted by Tom on October 11, 2000 at 00:04:45:

: Approximately 2 months ago I had my first ever panic attack, and went to the hospital. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with panic disorder, brought on from extreme anxiety. I started out on Paxil 20mg, but the side effects were unbearable. My psychiatrist then started me on zoloft 50mg. Each week there was a marked improvement, but not complete relief. Every 2 weeks I was bumped up 50mg, and I am now taking 200mg. Things were going fine for the past few weeks, and then out of the blue I had another full blown panic attack. I spoke with my doctor, and he told me to take a .5mg xanax tablet. I took the xanax, and within a half hour I felt better. The next day I felt the anxiety coming on again, so I took a half of a xanax tablet, and my anxiety again went away. My problem now is that I have a constant low level feeling of anxiety. My doctor wants to bump me up to 250mg, to get me to what he calls a "level point". I understand that the average american prescribed dose of zoloft is 150mg, and the zoloft website lists a max dose of 200mg. I've heard of people on higher doses, but I am not sure if that is the answer. Before I had my first anxiety induced panic attack I was a well functioning person, now I feel that I am unbalanced, and being given drugs that I shouldn't need. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I would like to know that I am doing the right thing by increasing the dose again, but it seems high to me. Like I said in the beginning I started off with Paxil, but the side effects were unbearable, although 20mg a day did wonders for my anxiety.. Any suggestions please!!

: ----Tom----

Tom, I take Zoloft for panic too. I have been on it for the biggest part of 7 years. It helps my panic tremendously but once in a while, the panic flares up anyway. Just like this week, - I had a really bad attack Monday. I have ( in the past) taken Xanax on a regular basis for several months at the time. It is the only thing that would take away the panic feeling. The last time that I had a flare, my doctor tried me on klonopin, a relative of xanax. It has worked great. I take
one .5 mg. tablet at bedtime and that's it. The klonopin stays in your system longer than xanax so you get a "more even and longer lasting" period of anxiety relief. It also helps relieve that awful morning feeling of panic and anxiety about the day that we panic sufferers must deal with. Ask your doctor about it. I'd question continuing to raise the Zoloft dosage. If that alone is not controlling the panic, then you probably need something else to get some relief.
HOpe this helps some. Madison

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