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No no no Sid life is NOT a waste of time!!!

No no no Sid life is NOT a waste of time!!!

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Posted by Kathrin on November 06, 2000 at 01:34:16:

In Reply to: Life is a waste of time for me posted by SID on November 05, 2000 at 14:21:34:

Sid. Dearest Sid!
I am so glad you are still with us. Please please Sid don't try to kill yourself again. please if you need to go to a hospital, please Sid. And remember the site I gave you,, or have a look at, please realize that suicide is NOT the answer!
I don't believe in the kick-in-the-butt theory that sime other people advertise here, I am not saying those are bad people I just feel that we have to take everybody's pain seriously. And I feel that you are in a lot of pain right now. Pain and fear. Sid - I know fear. Oh wow I know fear, anxiety. So bad it makes you sick to your stomach, right, so bad you can't think of anything else and just sit there with that FEAR all over and inside of you, and you see other people and kjust wish you could be like them, like, at peace, like, some sort of normal??? Oh how i have felt this, and oh how I was afraid it would never pass and I could never be happy again, never feel free again, never be at peace again.... oh it was so terrible!!! And it does feel that way. While the anxiety or fear is there, it feels like it will STAY there, it feels so much too real to go away. But please Sid, believe me, now I can look back at those times and realize, DID go away... here I am now, I am still here and that is PAST now... do you know what I mean???? What you are going through right now, it will one day be PAST! And you don't have to kill yourself to make it past, you can live and let time go by and it will be past and things will change, if you believe iut or not, they will, no matter how unrealiustic that might sound to you now.

Life is not a waste of time.
Yes I have times when i think, what is the purpose of life, why am I here? I have times when i get very depressed and think, what is the purpose of all this? Then little things don't make me happy anymore. Because they feel like they don't have a purpose. I feel like I just live from day to day and nothing ever changes or makes any sense. But that is when I amd epressed! Anmd depression does weird weird things to our brains. I think it affects the pleasure center. if there is anything like a "sense of purpose center" in the brain, depression affects that. We lose our sense of purpose! QWe think everything must have a purpose and can't be happy about little things anymore, little things that seem to give other people pleasure.
That is depression.
Yes we don't know the purpose of life. We are not supposed to know! it is something bigger than any of us can imagine. We are allowed to fuind happiness in little things, little things are very very precious. Ever heard a piece of music and the sounds were just so beautiful it made you shiver? Or look at the coloers of the sky at dusk... Sid there is more to life than we are supposed to know, but we can find happiness in it, we don't have to know the purpose of everything!
Life is NOT a waste of time.
Life is a challenge for each and every one of us. We all have battles, struggles. rear, depression... they are big hurdles, but they are here to be overcome. And you can...

Stay with us Sid.
Go to the hopsital, call 911, anything, if you think you are going to attempt suicide again. I don't want you to die. I want you to live. Very very much so!
Please please stay with us. Please!!!!
Please talk to somebody. Look up the numbers of crisis lines, have them ready for when you need somebody and there's nobody around. 1-800-SUICIDE is a national one in the US.


HUGS back again! Thank you for your hugs too :) Please Sid you can make it!!!!!!!!!!!
Fear... can be conquered. I will pray, Sid, i will pray for you, it does help, it really does!

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