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Dealing with work and life stress

Dealing with work and life stress

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Posted by Beth on November 20, 2000 at 20:36:19:

Dear all- I find that when I get into really stressful situations I can have a hard time dealing with it. This summer, when I was out of work and not sure where my realtionship was going I became depressed. I got it under control thru diet, exercise, seeing a councellor, journal writing, St. John's Wort complex and vitamins. Then I got a job, and my boyfriend and I made a decision to apply for a K-1 fiance visa (he's English) in January and get married next year. I was feeling better, so I dropped the St'Johns Wort and vitamins and I've been too busy lately with work to exercise.Meanwhile, we're miles apart, I miss him terribly, we'll have to wade thru piles of paperwork to make this happen, and my job that I started in Oct has gotten quite stressful (typical multi-tasking, high responsiblity, dealing with lots of personalities, etc) My roomate and I aren't getting along so great anymore (We really had turned into bona-fide friends) and he's moving out a month earlier than he had told me he was going to, which is going to complicate things for me monetarily in a major way.
I've been having trouble sleeping, and or am having really tiring, vivid dreams.I am feeling very irritable lately, and have little patience (usually one of my better qualities). I'm afraid of slipping back into depression again. I'm going to go back on the St. John's Wort. I don't know- I suppose I'm starting to see a pattern in how I handle stress, or I should say don't handle it. Anyone out there with any cognitive tips for making myself a happier person even when my situation sucks? I mean I know it could be worse. I just feel like a hamster going round and round on those wheels, never getting anywhere, ya' know what I mean?

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