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Re: Anti-depressant vs. Anti-anxiety: DO I NEED EITHER???

Re: Anti-depressant vs. Anti-anxiety: DO I NEED EITHER???

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Posted by Linn on December 14, 2000 at 17:07:29:

In Reply to: Anti-depressant vs. Anti-anxiety: DO I NEED EITHER??? posted by Emma on August 28, 2000 at 00:29:26:

: I have been suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, and social phobia for over 6 years. I have not had a full-blown panic attack in years, but the past week I have been on the verge. This past weekend was especially bad, to the point of violent diarrhea. I am going to a psychiatrist tomorrow to consider taking medication. Over five years ago I was on Serzone for 3 months, it did nothing, and I went off them because they made me feel I was a crazy person because I had to take meds. I have now come to accept this fate, but what drug is best. I fully understand about much of the anti-depressants, and that many times it is a hit and miss with the different types. I also know that the new model of anti-depressants (and possibly all) that they do nothing unless you have an actual chemical imbalance. And why would an anti-depressant be prescribed if one isn't depressed, but rather has an anxiety disorder. I also understand that common anti-depressants (prozac, serzone, paxil, zoloft) are not habit forming, but many on this site state they have had to slowly stop their meds. What about anti-anxiety meds, I know they are habit forming, but do they work better. I just really got turned off by meds because I walked into a psychiatrist's office about 5 years ago, she spoke to me for about five minutes, she did not delve into any of my problems, and she wrote me a prescription for Prozac. I want to know that if I am on these meds that they may help my specific problems. Please anyone with advice, information, anything please respond.
: Thanks, Emma

I am sorry to hear of your problems with anxiety, I too have an anxiety disorder and understand how fustrating dealing with them can be.

To attempt to answer your question about medications. First of all, the reason antidepressant are generally perscribed first is simply because they are nonaddicitive. The reason one has to stop taking them slowly is because if one has a chemical inballance that medication was doing something to attempt to alter the problem. If one quits taking the med cold turkey the sudden loss of a stabilizing agent to the system can cause horrible relapses and other nasty side effects.

Both anti-depressants and anti axiety medications can work on the same neurotransmitters, generally seritonin or dopamine. This is the reason they are sometimes interchangably perscribed. However they work in dirrerent manners, which is the reason for the different classification.

I am sorry you had a bad experience with a psychritirist that seemes perscription happy. They do exist, but so do good doctors that DO take the time to listen to all the symptoms before they reach for the perscription pad.

As per the first med not working at all for you... I am now on my third perscription for generalized anxiety disorder. The other two simply quite working. These things do happen to some people, you cannot tell how your body will respond until you try the medication.

Do you need meds? That is not for me to decide as I do not know you or your history, only your psychritrist can make that decision. However, the disorders you mentioned being diagnosed with are generally best treated with a combonation of drug therapy and counseling.

Good luck to you and I hope things get better for you soon!

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