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Posted by Tony on December 17, 2000 at 12:27:22:

In Reply to: Re: OUT OF THE BLUE? Exactly posted by Airyn on November 11, 2000 at 23:03:09:

Hi All,
Just thought I would let you know there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

It caught me out of the blue also about 15 yrs ago. But the worst thing I did was I never told anybody! Thought I was going insane LOL.

I suffered with panic attacks for about 8 yrs before I told my girlfriend, Soon as I told her about it things started to get better. It felt like a huge weight off my shoulders.

I went to see one theropist about it and found that a waste of time and money.

All I can really say is, The best cure for this is positive thinking. This might sound silly but it worked for me. I have not had a panic attack now for over 5 years (That really is a guess, Its been that long I cannot remember the last one).

But I do get a little twinge now and then, But as soon as you fix your mind on something positive its gone!

When I say little twinge I mean I start to feel a little tense and notice my chest gets a bit tight. But I do not let it control me anymore, I control it!!

This might sound mad but, I used to laugh at what was happening to me, Not because it was funny (It was terrifying) but so that I felt in control. I felt by laughing at it. I was being positive and seeing it as funny.
That might not make much sense, But its hard to put into words.

Since telling my girlfriend I have moved on in life. I have managed to pass 7 exams and now hold a good job as a Systems Engineer for a global computer company.

So please try and be positive all of the time.

Good Luck


: Wow - I totally relate to the 'Out of the blue" thing and the spacey thing. In fact the weird thing is that my attackes only come out of the blue - never when I am feeling really stressed. And I am finding I have alot of control over them. I know what they are and I breath slowly and try to remember that they won't kill me.
: What I am having trouble with though id the spaciness. I am a teacher and I am finding my job very difficult when I feel like this. I almost feel drunk at the time and it's hard to concentrate etc.
: What really bugs be is this - If it is stress and I know why it is - why can't I control it? Why can't I just make it go away and say - Ok I know what's happening now - stupid question - I know.
: ALSO - re:your smoking post - I don't smoke so chalk one up for that side.
: AND - I have had my adrenal gland checked
: JUST some info that I thought I'd add on for those who are following the board and want to check the stats --- Airyn

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