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small vessel strokes due to high blood pressure

small vessel strokes due to high blood pressure

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Posted by p cresy on September 18, 1999 at 01:54:13:

Since 1995 my husband has had 7 strokes (5 in the last 2 mths). They have all been minor but after every stroke there has been new damage more apparent. He is only 48 years old. He has uncontrollable high blood pressure. What I mean by uncontrollable is that you never know when its going to jump. He is on medicine (plavix, norvasc, hydrothyozine, asprin, prinivil). The neurologist has said there is nothing that can be done except control the high blood pressure and that there is very little known about small vessel disease (which is in the brain). So am I living with a time bomb? He has no life insurance and we can't get any for him. He is having trouble staying with a job due to having these strokes (the employers don't want the problem and plus it raises there medical insurance) his permanent job he had 2 years ago the company closed down. I am beside myself in worry. How can I find more info on small vessel disease and find an online chat room for support. How can I get over feeling there is no future for us? I need to enjoy each day that we have together and be thankful for it. The last stroke he had affected his swallowing, his mouth was drawn and speech slurred. Every stroke just keeps getting worse. What can he do to prevent another stroke? He watches his weight, quit smoking, walks daily, tracks his pressure daily, takes his medicine faithfully. What else can he do?

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