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Re: Aneurism

Re: Aneurism

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Posted by Charles Young on October 31, 1999 at 14:19:16:

In Reply to: Re: Aneurism posted by Mark Ellegood on October 29, 1999 at 18:11:40:

: Charlie or anyone with any knowledge on comas as a result of an aneurism. My mother is still in a coma after having an aneurism burst on the right side of her brain three weeks ago. She is breathing on her own and all other vital signs are stable. She has now been moved to a facility in their home town. What can we expect now that here comatose state is getting to be "long term"? Do you have any cases you are aware of along these lines. She is 70 years old and was in reasonably good health.
: thanks, Mark Ellegood

Mark.. Again, I'm not a doctor but in Barbara's case, Her Neuro-surgical team, chose to keep her in a drug induced, semi-comatose state for around eight days following her surgery, until they were satisfied that her brain swelling had gone down to a reasonable level. They were concerned with vascular spazming around the affected area which can cause stroke like symptoms, durring healing, in some patients.

Barbara was on the ventilator durring this time because the brain swelling combined with the drugs might cause her to "forget" to breathe. Once the swelling went down and they backed off on the drugs.. they turned the ventilator down and told her to breathe.. She just about enhaled the ventilator tube, so needless to say.. out came the tube.

I am very glad to hear that your Mother is breathing on her own after two weeks. Although three weeks seems like an eternity, for someone to be comatose, I've heard of situations where patients stay comatose for much longer, and still have a good recovery. I saw some poor folks, in the critical ICU at Imanuel that had been on the ventilator for up to two months, while comatose. Usually when they have to be ventilated for an extended period of time, they install the tube through the Trach. Its much more comfortable, the way I understand it.

Mark... Barbara and I both, hope your Mother has a speedy recovery once she is able to visit with her family again. The power of positive thinking worked for us.. It will work for you too.. Good luck to You, and Your's.

Charlie and Barbara Young.

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