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Re: stroke information

Re: stroke information

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Posted by larry on March 24, 2000 at 16:07:44:

In Reply to: stroke information posted by Vanessa Geraci on March 24, 2000 at 11:48:43:

hi vanessa.
i too had a stroke back in 92.
i was crushed in an accident. that was the cause i remember getting to the hospital then into emergency room.
i was fighting so much they gave me meds to temporarily paralyze me or they thought.
my wife was in texas for work at the time i was in delaware.
when they finally got her on the phone they told her i was talking, even tho my jaw had been broken in 5 places.
by the time she got to the hospital i had a stroke and lapsed in to coma lasted 9 days.
by the was i was 42 at the my coma my right eye closed but my left never did so i could see. i could hear everything going on around me.
talk to your dad he knows you're there console him,read to him let him hear your voice. i'm no doctor nor expert on this,
but from all i understand i'm lucky i actually heard the doctors telling my wife i'd die by morning.
alsofrom my expereience being totally paralyzed on my left side we can survive and do most things. it's not been easy but i can walk with a cane.
my cognitive skills are somewhat in order.and my short term memory has imoroved greatly. from what i've been told and learned
if i had to pick the effected side it would be the left side to lose to paralisis as there seems to be less loss os speach, memory
and other natural abilities.

if you'd like to talk about this in email my addy is [email protected]

any answers i can give or compfort will be my pleasure.


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