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Re: Are these stroke symptoms???

Re: Are these stroke symptoms???

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Posted by Karen on March 27, 2000 at 06:21:32:

In Reply to: Are these stroke symptoms??? posted by Kathy on December 11, 1999 at 23:27:00:

: My dad has had problems for about 2 months now with walking. Before he was perfectly fine, but now he often falls and has resorted to using a cane. This came very suddenly (like overnight). He said that it feels as though someone is stabbing his right leg with little needles, and he has no balance. He has diabetes, so at first they thought it was something to do with that. Now they say that it is his back, but admit that they are not sure. Around the same time as his leg went out he developed a lazy eye on the right side and his bottom lip hangs a little on that side. I think he may have had a stroke, but don't want to scare him by saying anything until I know if these are stroke symtoms. Are they??? Thanks.

Another possibility (besides stroke) would be "Bell's Palsy". This will cause one eye to droop and part of the mouth to sag uncontrollably. I don't know about the sensations in the legs(it could be from dizzyness). Bell's palsy is caused when the eighth cranial nerve in the brain is severed. The usual cause is an untreated inner ear- infection. This can also cause dizzyness because the inner ear is where your center of balance is located.

The symptoms appear to be very much like that of a stroke. However, this condition is not nearly as serious, and this cranial nerve usually will heal and the person will re-gain control of the facial muscles. The reason that I know about this is because it happened to my father about 10 years ago. We rushed him into emergency fearing a stroke, but there just happened to be a doctor there that knew what it was.

The effects from Bell's Palsy can last anywhere from several monthes - to 5-to 10 years. It is never life-threatening. And is usually treated with cortisteriod drugs such as prednisone. My father recovered (or regained control of facial muscles within a few monthes).

I think that it is a good possibility that it is Bell's Palsy. But like one of the other persons who responded to your post said, he needs to be evaluated by a good doctor (preferrably a neurologist) or even a good internist. Good luck for a quick recovery. I am praying that you read this, because I feel that there is a really good chance, that it is Bell's Palsy.

Sincerely, Karen

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