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Re: bells palsey

Re: bells palsey

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Posted by andrea dalton on April 07, 2000 at 22:02:38:

In Reply to: Re: bells palsey posted by Carlnet Jenkins on January 04, 2000 at 01:36:24:

: :
: : : : : : I woke up two days ago and the right side of my face no longer worked. I went to my family doctor and he informed me it was bells palsey, and the only thing i can do is exercise my face and hope the muscle function will return. What is it? what caused it? And what can I do about it?

: : : : : Hi, This is usually due to a virus and the virus causes swelling of some tissues that compresses the nerve to the face. The treatment is to decrease the swelling and take away the inflammation. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments can relieve the problem if you get at it immediately.

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: : : : : What causes the virus? My boyfriend was just diagnosed with Bells Palsey and was prescribed steroids. He was told he should (could) regain most or all of his facial muscle control in approximately 2 - 3 weeks. I am concerned. What else can we do? Can this be caused by stress?

: : : Hi, I also have diagnosed with Bells Palsey, one week ago, and have recieved the same above information. I was prescribed Prednizone (steriod) within one day of being affliced and it has helped significantly. I've been told that early diagnosis and early treatment is very important. I have not, however, been adviserd to exercise my facial muscles but I have done so as I assumed that it dwould help. The most important warning that I have been given is to make sure that you kep your eye lubricated. If your eye is not closing properly then taping it shut at night is very important. Preventing damage to the eye is very critical.
: :

: : Ithink that I might have Bells Palsey and Im just wondering if anyone knows if it could be caused by delivering a baby and if so who should i contact to get treatment? My ob/gyn or a general practitioner?

: On 12-30-99 I too was diagnosed with Bells Palsey and was prescribed Prednisone. Why haven't more research been done on this topic? It seem that this virus has been around for a long time but yet the doctors do not know exactly what it is or just what causes this virus? The people who
: has to live with the facial and ear problems are the ones in mental pain.

hi, i woke up 5 weeks age with the same symptoms.
i was given steroids and know iam feeling much better. i don't have to wear a eye patch any more.
i've got most of my functions back. my left eye still feel different but nothing like it was.take everyone and you will get better.

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