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Re: stroke information

Re: stroke information

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Posted by kiwi on April 11, 2000 at 01:35:36:

In Reply to: stroke information posted by Vanessa Geraci on March 24, 2000 at 11:48:43:

: Hello, If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. My Father had a stroke five days ago. We are at a loss with all athe different opinions of every doctor and nurse that graces his hospital room. We just don't know what to expect. It was on his right side. It was a burst blood vessel that bled into the brain. He was talking up until they gave him his first pain med. He had obvious signs of paralysis on his left side. He has not opened his eyes since. He has movement on the right. Especially trying to pull out the ventilator. If anyone knows if it is possible for him to pull through in any capacity. Thank you for any information or input you can give me. Vanessa

There's a ton of information on the net. You should search for hemorrhagic stroke (which is less common than strokes due to blood clots). My partner had a ruptured aneurysm recently which may not be quite the same thing as a burst blood vessel although she had a hemorrhage (subarachnoid). So far she's been very fortunate and appears to be making a full recovery 6 weeks after the initial bleeding. Although there was no apparent paralysis in the beginning, things were looking very grim the first night.

From what I could understand, treatment methods will vary - all options carry risks and different doctors place different weights on these risks. I know relatively little about the mechanics of the medical process but I do believe in love and faith. That's where I'd suggest you contribute. Try and become informed so you can understand what the doctors say. Talk to you father and love him even if he doesn't apparently respond, stories of unconcious/comatose people hearing things abound. Stay positive and hopeful (and tell your father to do the same). Everything is possible so believe in the good stuff. People can and do pull through even against the odds.

It's a frightening experience to go through. I wish you and your father all the best. Email me if you like. is a good start. If it's anything to do with aneurysms, try this site:

All the best.

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