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Re: Mini-Strokes?

Re: Mini-Strokes?

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Posted by ellen on April 19, 2000 at 22:45:51:

In Reply to: Mini-Strokes? posted by Marlene on April 14, 2000 at 12:59:54:

hi Marlene,

you might want to ask the doctor or specialist about ischemia - kinda like a temporary tiny stroke, which because it is so temporary, the symptoms and signs may clear with little or no evidence of tissue damage - which may explain why nothing showed on the MRI - also, there are different types of MRI - maybe if you ask about MRA which is specifically for the blood vessels, or an angiogram the doctor may be able to tell you a bit more.

i've found that facial droop can also be associated with something called a nerve palsy - it's worth asking about because it may or may not be related to what happened. it may indicate nerve damage or pressure on a nerve. A doctor would know more.

hope it goes well! i'd be interested to hear what happens.

: My 89 yr. old mother was hospitalized this week due to what the doctor thought was a mini-stroke, but all tests have come back negative--CT scan, carotid artery echocardiogram, MRI. She had suddenly become extremely weak, emotional, confused, and her short-term memory is not good. She had headaches 2 wks. prior to her hospitalization, and one particular morning, she was very hard to wake up. The doctor now just says that since all tests were neg., her problems are due to her age, and that nothing can be done. He did send her for physical therapy so she will regain enough strength to walk again. She is now in a nursing home for at least 2 wks. In spite of the tests, I believe she had a stroke. Her face droops a little on one side & she complains of a funny feeling that comes & goes inside her head that causes her problems when walking--she feels like she's going to fall over. I'd like to talk with anyone who may have had a similar experience. Thanks!

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