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Re: care involved

Re: care involved

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Posted by Bob on May 16, 2000 at 18:35:42:

In Reply to: Re: how long to recover balance and mobility?? posted by Peter on February 27, 2000 at 00:02:45:

: : I met a girl at a college I work at in Michigan. I was very taken by her looks at first, and then I got to know her a bit and had lunch with her a couple of times in our cafeteria at the college here. Now, after a semester of
being around her, I can't get her out of my mind. She's charming, has a good sense of humor similar to mine, we like some of the same things, and I have now become very fond of her. I wouldn't be so bold to think she cares
about me the same way, but....and it's a big BUT, She had a stroke 7 years ago (when she was 21). She doesn't speak very clearly, allthough once you get to know her, its not really a big issue. Her right side is paralyzed, and she does require a scooter although she drives a car, gets around on her own, albeit more work than I, she can walk
a short distance in an out of the car, the house, etc. Her handwriting is very bad, but she is a very intelligent, thoughtful, and caring person. She has bouts of depression more frequently that most people I think, and has started on som antidepressants. interest in her. Is it because I feel like I can help her? Do I just feel
sorry for her? Am I just in love with the thought of being able to help her. Because I feel as though I'm falling in
love with her, and I have never been in this position before. And yes, I normal (knock on wood) my father was a
physician, and I was interested in it myself. I have no physical disadvantages. I've always had "normal" girfriends, and now I find myself in a position that is very really foreign in its scope. How do I treat her?, what can I expect
from a situation like this if I did get involved with her? What would she expect form me? What does she expect from the world? What type of success could this have? I'm just trying to be honest. If anyone has any honest thoughts to share I would love to read them.

: : A close family member of mine had what was deemed a "moderate sroke" 2 months ago. The doctors seemed to expect a promising recovery but so far, little improvement has been shown. He is in intense physical therapy. He still cannot sit up easily because of problems with balance. He still cannot stand without LOTS of assistance. He can take only a few steps with a walker and that is with lots of assistance also. His strength seems to vary tremendously from day to day. Has anyone else been this disabled by a stroke and recovered enough to be able to get up and around and be able to walk (even with a walker)?? I would really appreciate hearing from anyone with information
: : similar to this.
: : Sue

: Hi Sue,

: My name is Peter Brown, 44 years old, and I am recovering from a serious stroke. In medical terms a Bilateral Cerebellar Infarts. This stroke is in the back of the head and affects both the brain stem (cordination of eye movements, maintaining balance, and regulating resperation and blood pressure) and cerebellum (responsible for coordination of movement and balance). I spent 10-11 days in intensive care after an operation to relieve pressure as part of 4 weeks in an acute hospital. I was then moved to a rehabilitation hospital for a futher 5 weeks. When I arrrived at this hospital I required two nurses to move/assist me from the bed to a chair. On discharge 5 weeks later I was independant. It is now 6 months later and I am starting back at work part time. My disability is diplopia (double vision) and this is coming good.
: I hope this will give you some support as strokes will affect different people different ways and while some recover quickly with little effect others will take time. Be patient and understanding.
: I have found a book in the HEALTH.BOOKS series to be a bennefit. This is approx a 60 page book titled STROKE - Survival Guide by Leila Henderson it covers - in hospital and after - recovery and retraining - help and advice for carers.
: If you want the book in Australia a contact number is 61 2 9361 5244 and New Zealand a contact number is (09) 443 0250

: Peter.

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