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My stroke

My stroke

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Posted by Pooky on June 13, 2000 at 09:09:12:

I had my first (and hopefully, last) stroke last September. Since I don't remember anything about my stroke (thank goodness), I have been told all of this by my family. When I had the stroke, it was my sister who found me. She said that she knew something was wrong with me, because she told me I had passed this test (a very important and hard test for my career), and I threw the score report on the floor (something was wrong with me because usually I would look at the paper for a while and start screaming). She said that I was waving my hand towards the left side of my face (they say it wasn't until my aunt visited me in the hospital, that they knew why I was doing this; I was doing this because I couldn't feel my face; I guess because my stroke happened on both sides of my brain, and may have done something to the part of the brain that controls sensation or movement. But, I remember when I took biology last year, that the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body). She said that the ambulance came and took me to the hospital's emergency room. It was here that they discovered that the stroke happened on both sides of my brain and that I had a bad stroke. My parents said that this is when I started to swell up (probably a side effect of the medicines) Since I had a blockage and a bleed, they couldn't use heparin to thin my blood, because too much blood would bleed out and probably cause me to die. My parents said I didn't move the left side of my body for about 4 months (I am so happy that I can move it now). After my stay in the hospital's emergency room, I went to the intensive rehab unit so I could re-learn how to do things such as walking, talking and writing. Now, I walk pretty good, even w/o my cane. I talk bettter but my speech isn't clear or always understanable. As for my writing, I practice but it still looks funny and sloppy. It was in rehab that they realized I talked loud and always seemed to laugh or cry. My parents said when they brought me home in January I was in a wheelchair, but that I only stayed in it for about 2 weeks. Next, I went to a walker, which I seemed to carry around, so I started to use a cane (but, I don't use that anymore). Now I see a speech therapist as well as an occupational therapist once a week. I can do almost everything I used to be able to do. Except, I can't/shouldn't drive and I can't hold a lot of stuff with my left hand (because the nurse put the I.V. in my skin, not a vein, and as a result my left hand lost most of the skin (it used to be a hole there, but now it is healing and I probably won't need a skin graft; maybe if I put cocoa butter on it and sit outside in the sun, it will turn the right color). Now all I do is sit here and wait to get better. I'll be glad when that happens because I can't wait to go back to school and work and live a normal life. I know one thing, I will never use the birth control pill again. The doctors say that caused my stroke; and to think, I was using them just to make my period/menstrual cycle regular because it was really irregular and came when it wanted to come.

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