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Re: Could these be the symptoms of a stroke? Am afraid of having that pain come back!

Re: Could these be the symptoms of a stroke? Am afraid of having that pain come back!

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Posted by Peter Brown on June 22, 2000 at 01:00:38:

In Reply to: Could these be the symptoms of a stroke? Am afraid of having that pain come back! posted by Julie Sherwood on June 21, 2000 at 01:15:09:

: 6-21-2000(Wed)
: I would like to know if the symtoms im having could be due to a stroke or should be a warning
: of a possible stroke that is happeneing to me. Last night, I had an exruciating pain come
: from out of nowhere, and it encompassed my entire right arm and neck and even onto my jaw!
: The pain was so awful, that, I was hardly able to move it, and when i did, it got worse.
: The pain was sharp and all i can say is that it took my breath away! I do have Adult type2
: Diabetes, and, a somewhat bad shoulder. Though, i am taking a fairly new drug called'VIOXX',
: i have never experienced the pain i felt last night. I am on a computer alot, and i take breaks.
: I have heard that strokes coming on, can effect your arms and legs and the neck and jaw.
: After i took an asperin and a vioxx,about 15 minutes after taking these, the harsh pain
: started to minimize and about 4 hours the pain subsided. I know this is long, and i have seen
: my doctor about possible heart problems, after i had nights of problems with my heart just
: pounding too hard. Didnt find anything but, didnt seem to think there was any problems...
: They gave me a heart monitor to wear and i wore it for 12 hours and it didnt do anything.
: So, i dont know what to think. My dad seems to think i really AM experiencing a warning that
: i am having a stroke. I live with alot of stress, too. Any advice would be apreciated. I'm
: sorry if i couldnt be more detailed, but, typing just dosent do the same as talking about it.
: I am a female and im 40 years old. Thank-you.

Hi Julie,

I am only a stroke survivor not a doctor. It is possible that your symptoms could be a TIA, or a mini stroke. Your state that you have seen your doctor and are still unsure. My advise would be to get a second opinion.

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