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Re: Mini-Strokes?

Re: Mini-Strokes?

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Posted by Kim on July 04, 2000 at 14:09:37:

In Reply to: Mini-Strokes? posted by Marlene on April 14, 2000 at 12:59:54:

Marlene, I hope your mother is doing well. Yes I have had the same things happen to me.
I am a 30 year old woman and was in an accident back in December which has affected my left arm,hand ,leg and foot with tingling so this is why I did not know what was happending.
last week I answered a phone call when I had a sudden numbness come across my left side of my tongue and jaw. I could not form words although you could hear that I was trying to talk. that only lasted for about 60 seconds. For a few hours after that, I had a silver arch shape in my right eye and trouble moving the right corner of my mouth. I had a terrible headache for a week prior which I passed off to the disc in my neck and the headache went away three days after this episode. I called my doctor who said I should go to the emergency room immediately but that was several hours later. The CT scan was normal and I could not tell them if it affected my arm or leg because I have that tingling from the accident anyway. So they passed it off as stress and sent me home. The nurses said to be sure that I seek emergency room help immediately upon this happening again so that they can determine exactly what is going on. What a scary feeling. Good Luck to you and your Mom.
: My 89 yr. old mother was hospitalized this week due to what the doctor thought was a mini-stroke, but all tests have come back negative--CT scan, carotid artery echocardiogram, MRI. She had suddenly become extremely weak, emotional, confused, and her short-term memory is not good. She had headaches 2 wks. prior to her hospitalization, and one particular morning, she was very hard to wake up. The doctor now just says that since all tests were neg., her problems are due to her age, and that nothing can be done. He did send her for physical therapy so she will regain enough strength to walk again. She is now in a nursing home for at least 2 wks. In spite of the tests, I believe she had a stroke. Her face droops a little on one side & she complains of a funny feeling that comes & goes inside her head that causes her problems when walking--she feels like she's going to fall over. I'd like to talk with anyone who may have had a similar experience. Thanks!

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